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Golden Nuggets: Post-Game Reaction to Cal/Pepperdine

Cal football has a game this Saturday. You should read more about it.

NCAA Basketball: Washington at California Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Men’s Basketball

  • Check out Cal Athletics’ post-game notes and see which players set career highs in different categories.
  • Written before the game, Cal Bears Maven presents ten reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic about the Bears turning their program around this year.


  • As Cal fans get back into football mode, Trace Travers shares his thoughts on what is going on with the football team right now (there are some MBB thoughts mixed in as well).

Cal hasn’t been the same since they started getting injured. Chase Garbers’ long term injury started it, and injuries to Mike Saffell and Valentino Daltoso compounded it. They aren’t likely to get Garbers back this week, but Saffell coming back gives them a little more continuity on the line. The best running performance by the group came against Washington when they had the configuration of Bazakas, Cindric, Saffell, Mettauer, and Curhan. They’ll likely have that group, with Saffell in for Bazakas, against Washington State. With Washington State giving up 180 yards per game on the ground this year (with 5.1 yards per carry), it’s a much needed time that could kickstart Cal’s run game.


  • Michelle Ugonne Onyiah is one of the big recruits Women’s Basketball got recently. She talked with Ben Parker on what she likes about Berkeley and the Cal coaching staff. She seems really excited to be here!
  • Incoming Cal Athletics Hall of Famer Dana Vollmer is transitioning from swimming to architecture. Catch up with her in this article.