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Cal vs. UC L.A. 2nd Half: Bears lead 28-18 with 2 TDs from Chase Garbers and CBJ each

Second half against the Southern Branch

NCAA Football: California at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

3rd Quarter

Cal 6th Offense Drive - Cal starts on own 25. Nikko with a gain of 4 to start. Nikko with another catch for a gain of 10. Deep ball to Clark is incomplete as Holmes and Clark get their feet tangled up. CBJ runs for 7 yards. Garbers throws deep to Makai and it’s incomplete. Coutts punt and is fair caught at the UCLA12.

Cal 7th Defense Drive - DTR throws to Cota for 15 yards. Kelley runs for 1. Kelley slips and loses 4. Screen is good for 10 yards and UCLA punts. Nikko Fair catches at teh Cal17.

Cal 7th Offense Drive - Bad snap forces Garbers to just recover and lose a yard. Deep ball to Nikko is good for 29 yards. CBJ takes 3 UCLA defenders for a ride and gets 5 yards. Collins on the Read-Option gets 10 yards. Collins with another run for a gain of 3. Garbers takes off for a gain of 17. Holding call on UCLA would move the ball up another 10 yards, on the pass to Nikko. Bears would net 2 yards on 1st/2nd and goal. PI on UCLA put the ball on the 2 yard line. CBJ with the 1 yard run for the touchdown.

Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 83 yards, 5:56

Cal 8th Defense Drive - UCLA starts on their own 20 after Felton decided to take it out of the endzone. DTR takes off for gain of 5. Jaylinn Hawkins stops the run by Kelley after 3. Hicks with PBU forces the 3-and-out, but Kuony Deng called for a unsportsmanlike conduct that keeps the UCLA drive going. Philips slides over Goode’s body and keeps running on the play for 39 yards. Play would be reviewed and called as stands. DTR keeps on the option and gets the 1st down for 1st and goal. DTR throws to Cota and he gets in for the TD, after review the ball would be at the 1. Kelley would get the handoff and run it in for the TD. UCLA scores the 2PT conversion.

Scoring Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards, 3:04

Cal 8th Offense Drive - Cal starts on own 25. Designed QB run for 3 yards. Makai Polk sticks the ball to his hands and gets 20 yards. Garbers goes deep to Clark but way overthrown. CBJ runs for 38 yards while putting a UCLA defender in the dirt with a stiff arm.

4th Quarter

Cal 8th Offense Drive - CBJ runs it in from 10 yards out. Touchdown Bears.

Scoring Drive - 6 plays, 75 yards, 2:33

Cal 9th Defense Drive - UCLA starts on own 28. Kelley runs for 2 yards. ASHTYN DAVIS PICKS IT OFF.

Cal 9th Offense Drive - Cal starts on Cal 48. Collins runs for 12. Collins runs for another 5. Collins is bottled up. Garbers finds Reinwald for a gain of 21. Garbers almost is sacked but sheds the tackle and finds Collin Moore downfield, but his foot is out of bounds. Jet Sweep to Nikko is a loss of 3. Bears go for it on 4th and 8. Garbers has nowhere to go and throws to the endzone. Its picked off but Trevon Clark tackles the defender and forces the drop. Turnover on downs.

Cal 10th Defense Drive - UCLA starts on own 12. Kelley runs for 9 on two carries. DTR is sacked by Goode for a loss of 2. Roughing the passer on Maldonado, that’s a questionable call at best, gives UCLA 15 more yards to the UCLA 45. Beck breaks up the pass to Philips. Maldonado with the sack and 4s-downs the crowd. Nikko will fair catch the punt on the Cal 20.

Cal 10th Offense Drive - Cal starts on own 20. CBJ with a loss of 2. Clark on the screen slips the tackle and gets 9. Garbers rolls out of the play and runs for the 1st down. Chop block on McKade Mettaur would bring the ball back 15 yards to the Cal 16. UCLA burns their timeout. CBJ runs for 5. UCLA burns another timeout. CBJ runs for a 1 yard gain. UCLA uses final time out. CBJ runs for a gain of 13 after the catch. UCLA fair catches at the UCLA25.

Cal 11th Defense Drive - DTR fumbles the ball but UCLA recovers. DTR is injured and Austin Burton checks in at QB for UCLA. Burton throws for 14 yards to Asiasi. Felton runs for 4 to get the 1st down on 4th down. Burton runs for 5 yards. Pass to Asiasi for 7 yards. Kuony knocks down the pass at the line of scrimmage. Burton runs but is tackled by Zeandae Johnson after 3 yards. Pass to Philips for 8 yards is called complete. Philips with another 8 yards. Burton passes to Erwin for 11 yards. Pass to Felton goes for 10 yards and the 1st down to the Cal 11. Pass to Hurt underneath is good for 5. Burton runs for 3 yards. Felton runs and is stopped short of the 1st down marker. Ashtyn Davis makes the tackle for loss and finishes it off.