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Cal vs. UC L.A., 1st Half: Bears lead 14-0 with two TDs from QB Chase Garbers

The Golden Bears close the regular season against the Bruins.

UCLA v USC Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

“Part of the journey is the end.”

The flagship university of California will end our regular season against the UC Los Angeles Bruins, who are ending their entire season after failing to qualify for a bowl. Hopefully we’ll witness the ends of our two-game losing streak to the Bruins and our four-game losing streak in Westwood.

Also, why won’t Chip Kelly ever wear his school’s colors and embrace the baby blue?

Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. PT on FS1.

Cal deferred. Starts on defense.

1st Quarter

Cal 1st Defense Drive: First play is a 21 yard toss to Asiasi. Cam Goode sack for a loss of 8. Kuony Deng breaks up the pass and it’s a punt. Nikko is tackled at the Cal 8.

Cal 1st Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 8. Nikko swing pass for 3 yards. Pass to Trevon Clark for the 1st is ruled incomplete after review. Garbers’ pass is tipped at the line of scrimmage and incomplete. Coutts with a punt down to the UCLA 46, and is fair caught.

Cal 2nd Defense Drive: Bequette and Paul stop the run after 1 yard to start the drive. Pass to Asiasi for 11 yards. Kelley with a run of 6. BRETT JOHNSON with a sack for a loss of 11. Kelley runs for 20 on a 3rd and 15. Missed tackle by Ashtyn Davis on a pass to Erwin. Erwin runs it in for a 19 yard TD.

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 54 yards, 3:35

Cal 2nd Offense Drive: Bears start on their own 25. Garbers keeps on the RPO and runs for 2. CBJ gains 6 on the screen pass. Pass is tipped at the line and Bears go 3-and-out. Coutts with a 49 yard punt to the UCLA19.

Cal 3rd Defense Drive: UCLA starts on their own 19. Missed tackles again leads to a 21 yard gain. Throw by DTR is behind Erwin and almost picked off. Tevin Paul wraps up after the 4 yard gain on the quick screen. Lone forces the throw-away from DTR. Punt is fair caught by Nikko at the Cal 9.

Cal 3rd Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 9. Chase pulls on the RPO and runs out stops and fires a bullet to Nikko but it comes off Nikko’s fingers. CBJ with a huge run of 15. Pass to Nikko goes beyond the sticks and for the 1st down. Quick pass to Nikko with tempo is dropped, ball was a bit low. PI called on Darnay Holmes who held Trevon Clark. Clark on the end around gets a gain of 4. MAKAI POLK SCREEN PASS. 44 YARD PASSING TD.

Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 91 yards, 2:33

Cal 4th Defense Drive: UCLA starts on own 25. Kelley runs for 10 then DTR passes to Asiasi for 16 yards down to the UCLA46. Pass to Cota is good for 14. Lone with a sack for a loss of 10. Kelley runs for 6. Pass goes for 7 yards.

2nd Quarter

Cal 4th Defense Drive: Beck gets the stop on 4th down

Cal 4th Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 28. Pass to Makai is good for 14 yards. Collins runs for 2. Garbers runs for 9 and the 1st down. Garbers reads on the option and pulls, runs for 3. Garbers pats the ball and finds Dancy down the field for 28. Pass to Reinwald is good for 5. Dancy carries for a gain of 4. CBJ runs for the 1st down and 5 yards. 1st and Goal on the UCLA 2. CBJ runs up the middle for 1 yard. QB SNEAK. TOUCHDOWN BEARS.

Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 72 yards, 4:57

Cal 5th Defense Drive: UCLA starts on own 34 after a 21 yard return on KOR. Kelley with 2 carries for a total of 4 yards. DTR finds Cota for 7 and forward progress gets the 1st down. Another pass to Philips is for 4 yards. Kelley goes up the middle for 4 yards. Kelley run gets 2 on 3rd and 2 for the 1st down again. Deng tips the ball over the middle, with a full extension all 6-foot-6 of him. Goode stops DTR after a run of 1 yard. Pass is high for Philips and UCLA comes out to punt. Nikko fair catches it at the Cal 13.

Cal 5th Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 13. CBJ runs for the 1st down. Tipped ball still gets to Reinwald and he runs for the 1st down, but on review his knee was down short of the 1st down marker. CBJ runs for 2. QB Sneak gets the yards needed and Garbers gets the 1st down. Garbers throws deep intended for Makai Polk, but over throws him and Darnay Holmes comes over to make the INT.

Cal 6th Defense Drive: UCLA starts on own 33. Philips with the catch for 9 yards. Felton with the run up the middle just dives to get 3 yards. Kelley with another run for 4. Chigozie Anusiem gets the PBU, but a strike over the middle to Asiasi gets the first down. Just over Evan Weaver. DTR throws it away. Pass to Philips is incomplete. Illegal motion moves UCLA back to 4th and 9, but pass to Asiasi is good for the 1st down and 13 yards. DTR almost turns it over on a shovel pass. Bears give up 21 yards to Felton down the sideline. Felton again with the reception for 3 yards. UCLA takes the TO with 7 seconds left on the Cal 13. DTR throws to the endzone but no one to go to. UCLA kicks the 31 yard FG and it’s good.