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From the Mic Men: Little Brother

Bully your siblings this week.

Oregon v UCLA
In mascot lore, they’re related.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I have kissed the Axe. It was probably covered in an uncountable amount of germs (who knows what the Furd kids got up to over a decade), but I planted my lips on it and felt a decade of grief lift away.

Cal fans, I must remind myself constantly, for it still seems we’re in a collective dream. Yes, Chase did run into the endzone and history. Yes, we all did rush Stanford’s own field. Yes, We’ve got the Axe.

Can you ask for any more? When you wake up from a dream, the memories and feelings fade away. But for us lucky Golden Bears, the dream can continue until kingdom come. There are so many photos to scroll through and videos to rewatch, and, of course, the Axe will be on full display in our home for the rest of the decade.

So, Cal fans, I need you!


While we Cal fans can keep the party going, the players will be locked in. Wilcox has yet to beat UC Los Angeles, but if anyone has the power to change that, it’s Chase “Streak-Ender” Garbers. Our quarterback runs better than theirs, and he certainly throws better too. Meanwhile, with his back against the wall, Beau Baldwin has turned himself into a badger, fighting his way back into the light. When the two teams line up under the lights of the Rose Bowl, a superior team will clearly show itself, and all the worry and debate this week will dissipate.


An A+, even, for the defense last week. Big time players made big time plays in the Big Game.

That’ll only translate into great news for this week as well. We all know what happens when a supposedly “good” offense takes on the #TAKERS.

In even greater news, Evan Weaver needs four tackles to break Cal’s single-season tackle record and twenty-nine to set a new NCAA FBS record. By the end of this year, he may well need that robo-arm no matter what.


Anyway, although there’ll be another game this Saturday, I don’t really want it to happen just yet. This has been the best week to be a Cal fan in a long, long time. I feel as though, after beating Je Bruin, we could turn around and beat Bama on Sunday, then the Patriots on Monday: what a time to be alive.

And no matter what happens on Saturday, win or lose…

Bears by 50. We’ve got the Axe (And we’re going to kick our brother under the table at dinner all night long).

What’s that spell? CAL!

Who are we? CAL!

And who’s gonna win? CAL!