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Golden Nuggets: Continue to Relive the Big Game, Look Towards UCLA

Cal Football releases short film about The Big Game

California v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


  • Re-live the glorious Big Game win with the short film released by Cal Athletics (made by Nick Mitchell)

“The urgency level was high, obviously, but it wasn’t as extreme as if everything had to be to the sideline or we had to get out of bounds.

“We were outside the straight two-minute mode. I told the receivers, ‘If you can get upfield and gain more yards, that’s fine. We have plenty of time, and we have timeouts.’ That’s the one thing I told them before we took the field. We felt like we had plenty of time.

“And I had a good feeling (about) getting into five-wides; we felt like we could find some matchups we liked with that. Nikko’s big catch on the drive before’’ — for 40 yards — “was out of five wides. We felt like if we could spread them out, we could find some advantages and some matchups by getting into empty (backfield) formations.”

  • Chase Garbers’ heroic rise from Cheez-It Bowl stinker to Big Game hero, documented.
  • Find out what some recruits said about Cal’s win over Stanford.
  • Now take a look towards UCLA in this week’s “Five Things

The Bears are going bowling. They are mathematically eliminated from the North, and were weeks ago. UCLA is not going bowling. They are mathematically eliminated from the South, and were weeks ago.

That makes this game, in some ways, very similar to the one that closed the 2016 season, and eventually, Sonny Dykes’ tenure at Cal -- ultimately insignificant in the grand scheme of things, except to improve conference and post-season positioning, and as a penultimate moment for the seniors. UCLA has even less to play for than Cal does, since they don’t even have the former going for them.

But they haven’t ever beaten UCLA under Justin Wilcox, and they should certainly remember the ignominy of losing last year in the fashion that they did, at home. I guess that’s all the significance you really need.


  • Here are the press conferences from the two recent wins by Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

Go Bears