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2019 Big Game highlights: Cal wins. Stanford loses. Chase Garbers is that dude.


California v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Cal defeated the Stanford in a spirited game of pigskin, as they call it in the old country. In case you missed it due to the annoyingly limited Pac-12 Network footprint, here are the highlights.

Note: Postgame celebration highlights coming tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Chase Garbers converted a crucial first down to Gavin Reinwald on Cal’s first scoring drive.

Christopher Brown Jr. proceeded to rumble into the end zone to tie the Big Game up at 7-7.

Cameron Goode got a sack on Davis Mills.

Daniel Scott came in and got his first career interception.

Jaylinn Hawkins got into the action on the next Stanford drive, intercepting a deep Mills pass.

Hawkins made the SportsCenter top 10 plays as a result!

With Cal trailing 17-10 in the 4th quarter, the offense finally kicked into high gear. Garbers found Nikko Remigio deep downfield to get Cal into scoring position.

Then Garbers found Remigio again in the back of the end zone. Tied game.

With Cal trailing 20-17 with mere minutes on the clock, Garbers unclocked it to Trevon Clark on the sidelines.

Finally. Chase Garbers.

Chase Garbers.

Chase Garbers. Big Game legend.

Cal stuffed Cameron Scarlett on 4th and short on their final drive and they did. Not. Get it. AXE TIME!