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Golden Nuggets: Prepare For The Big Game

That’s pretty much it. All Big Game Edition

California v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

2019 Big Game

  • One of the keys in the latest installment of “Five Things” is finding the same bounceback energy the Bears had against WSU.
  • Berkeley Native Ben Hawk Schrider, and some of this teammates, talk about the importance of getting their first career Big Game Win in their final chance.

“With Cal and that school with the tree, that rivalry means a lot. Ever since I was little, we used to have Big Game parties, I learned all the chants. I rushed the field when I was little, I think my biggest memory was when Burl Toler scored, he scored when Marshawn Lynch threw him the ball, 04, that was a big moment.”

That moment has a special significance for Toler, now Cal’s wide receivers coach.

”That stands out above them all,” Toler said, “My last play in this stadium was Aaron pitching to Marshawn, Marshawn running and throwing it to me for a touchdown. We ended up quite a few points that day, and it’s a vivid memory for me because everything’s heightened for the Big Game.”

  • The East Bay Times preview predicts an unlikely hero will be needed to beat Stanford (much like WSU).
  • The game will be on Pac-12 Network and is unlikely to get high ratings. The game is also not expected to sell out. The East Bay Times investigates why The Big Game doesn’t seem to carry around the same luster that it used to.

Big Game Lore

  • Of course, every year there will be new articles about one particular Big Game, the one that ended in “The Play”. Here, BearTerritory Rodney Alamo Brown recalls being at the game when it happened.
  • Here’s a new story from ESPN regarding a case in 1960 when the Axe (belonging to Cal) randomly went missing a few days before the Big Game.
  • Matt Clizbe was the hero of the 1994 Big Game, which was played on his birthday.
  • It still hurts to say “The last time Cal won the Big Game...” but, catch up with the hero of The last time Cal won the Big Game.

[Mike] Mohamed plans to watch the Big Game in a Manhattan bar frequented by Cal fans. He looks forward to getting another chance to check out linebacker Evan Weaver, the nation’s leading tackler.

“I think he’s an absolute stud,” Mohamed said. “The guy’s all over the field doing things I didn’t do. He’s averaging 15 tackles. I only had 15 tackles in a game two or three times. He’s doing a phenomenal job.”