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Cal vs. USC, First Half: Bears down 10-17

So begins our California gauntlet.

California v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

It’s time for the Joe Roth Memorial Game with the California Golden Bears facing the visiting USC Trojans. Can Cal play loose and free now that we’re unsaddled by an absurdly-long losing streak? Will USC come with a vengeance after losing to us last year and out-talent us?

Kick-off is scheduled for 8 p.m. PT on FS1.

USC wins the toss. Elects to defer. Cal will receive to start.

1st Quarter

Cal 1st Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 25. Garbers on the first play, 10 yards to Clark. Incomplete to Clark over the middle. Chase throws to Clark deep but Steele called for the PI. 1st and 10 at the 50, CBJ carries for a gain of 18. Long pass to Polk is incomplete. CBJ on the option for 11 yard gain. Chase pulls on another read option and he takes off for another first and runs out of bounds for 11 yards. 1st and Goal at the 10, CBJ is stuffed by Rector for a loss of 4. Rector called for targeting and is ejected for the game. He lead with his helmet on the hit on CBJ. Collins runs into the endzone for the 5 yard TD run.

Scoring Drive: 7 Plays, 75 yards, 2:55

Cal 1st Defense Drive: Short Kick. USC starts on own 25. Pittman met right away by Weaver after the catch. Slovis rolls out and finds Drake for a 21 yard gain. Hawkins on the blitz just a half second late. Slovis throws for a gain of 7. Christon runs for 23 yards, Kuony Deng brings him down. Hawkins misses a big time sack opportunity, leads to a 9 yard gain. False start brings the ball back 5 yards. Carr with a swing pass loses a yard. 3rd and 7, Brown is open in the end zone after a short scramble by Slovis. 18 yard passing touchdown.

Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 75 yards, 3:50

Cal 2nd Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 25. Garbers throws to Makai down the sideline and it’s a gain of 19, but he stepped out of bounds as he was coming down. Call is reviewed and overturned. Cal gains 5 on a swing pass to Dancy. Pass to Nikko is caught but 1 yard short of the 1st down. Coutts punts and Amon-Ra St.Brown fair catches it.

Cal 2nd Defense Drive: USC starts on USC 28. Slovis goes deep to Brown, but Bynum breaks it up at the last moment. Christon is dropped by Brett Johnson after a short gain. Falo commits the personal foul after the play and puts SC behind 3rd and 32. Hicks wraps up Amon-Ra and its incomplete. Punt is good for 44 yards.

Cal 3rd Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 39. Little misdirection wasn’t quick enough. Garbers throws it away smartly. Garbers is sacked for a loss of 9. Garbers with a good scramble finds Nikko down the field but Nikko bobbles and drops the pass. Coutts punts it 40 yards.

Cal 3rd Defense Drive: USC starts on own 37. Pass to Carr gains 3 yards. Pass to Jones is good for the 1st down. USC1st and 10 on SC48, Beck holds the edge and forces just a 1 yard gain. Tevin Paul sack on third down for a loss of 9. Slovis scramble and can’t find anyone sits in space on the outside finds London down the sideline for a gain of 45. 1st and 10 on Cal 15, Carr is bottled up for a loss of 3. Slovis goes for the endzone, Hawkins almost picks it off. Deng and Bequette get in for the sack for a loss of 5. McGrath is good with the 41 yard FGA.

Scoring Drive: 9 plays, 40 yards, 4:25

Cal 4th Offense Drive: Collins takes it from the 1 for 22 yards. Cal starts on own 23. Collins runs outside for a gain of 8.

2nd Quarter

Cal 4th Offense Drive: Collins gets the call again and gets the 1st down with 3 yards. Garbers takes the sack for a loss of 3. Garbers pass to Duncan outside is incomplete. Garbers drills it to Duncan again for the 1st down. Collins with another good run outside for 6 yards. Garbers keeps and is taken down hard. Lands right on his other shoulder. He needs help taken off the field. Modster enters the game. Modster with a wheel to Dancy gets the 1st down and more. Cal on the SC34, Collins with another run and is quick out of his cut for 5 yards. Collins stopped at the LOS. Modster finds Makai Polk for the 1st down. Collins runs for a gain of 1 on 1st and 10 from SC21. Modster throws to the endzone for Duncan but just beyond his reach. Duncan held up on the route for a split second. Modster finds Nikko. Nikko almost comes up with it, but just drops the pass. That’s two key drops so far. Greg Thomas knocks in the 37 yard FGA.

Scoring Drive: 15 plays, 57 yards, 5:39

Cal 4th Defense Drive: Tattersall is injured on the play. SC to start on own 24. Goode and Weaver combine for the TFL. Maldonado goes in the backfield for the snap. 11 yard gain and not enough on 3rd and 22. USC punts, Ashtyn finds room down the sideline and almost hurdles a guy, for 19 yards. Ashtyn Davis headed to the locker room after the play.

Cal 5th Offense Drive: Cal starts on own 42. Modster finds Tonges for 9 yards. Modster fumbles the handoff and goes down on the ball. Modster throws a laser to Moore for the 1st down but Moore drops the pass. Coutts punts it to the USC 22 and Brown calls the fair catch.

Cal 5th Defense Drive: USC starts on own 21. Carr runs for 5. Pass to Velus Jones is complete. Jones is hurt on the play, but walks off under his own power. Run gets the 1 yard for the 1st down. 9 yard gain with a pass. Carr stuffed at the LOS. Carr goes outside for the 1st down. Weaver batts down the pass right in front of Slovis. Slovis finds another soft spot to Pittman for 17 yards. 1st and 10 on Cal 31, London catches the pass and down after 1. Slovis pass to Pittman with a gain of 3. Slovis with time to throw, finds Pittman in the endzone for the 33 yard TD pass. Hicks had good coverage but slipped at the last minute.

Scoring Drive: 11 plays, 79 yards, 5:06

Cal 6th Offense Drive: Squib Kick with a 18 yard return by Dancy, Cal starts at own 41. Modster is sacked. Cal lets the time run out going into halftime