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The Wrap: A New Hope. Bears emphatically return to the W column with 33-20 over Wazzu

If you strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Washington State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Bears returned to the field after their second bye week in as many weeks. QB Devon Modster made his triumphant return leading the Bears to the win behind his 4 total touchdowns. WR Kekoa Crawford and C Mike Saffell also made their return to the gridiron as well. The hype was real after hearing that some key men were expected to make their return.

*Injury note: Bears were without the services of WR Jeremiah Hawkins, WR Nikko Remigio and DB Trayveon Beck.

1st Quarter: The Phantom Menace

What a start to a football game. If there has been a crazier start to a football game, I sure have not seen it. (Comment below with crazier starts to help me out.) The Bears lost the toss and would start on defense. Wazzu would run one play for 13 yards through a Max Borghi run. That play had Cal fans worried. So? Of course, the following play is an interception by Jaylinn Hawkins returned to the Wazzu 26 yard line. It only makes sense! Christopher Brown Jr. would punch it in with a 27 yard run for the Touchdown to put the Bears up wait THE PAT IS BLOCKED AND WASHINGTON STATE IS RUNNING THE OTHER WAY WITH THE BALL AND SCORES. Wait. So what’s the score... 6-2. That is right. The opening score after one touchdown was 6-2. Bears would force the 3&Out after the back judge forces the pass break up on third down. Yes. The back judge. Cal would get the ball back and drive the ball fueled by a 35 yard bomb to Kekoa Crawford. Following play, Jake Tonges would fumble the ball, but upon review the pass is ruled incomplete. Modster would be sacked leading to a Coutts punt that is downed at the Wazzu 4 by Trey Turner. The would get a bit weirder on this drive. The Bears would force a 4th down and 1 on Wazzu, with a holding call on Wazzu on third down. Wilcox would decline the penalty. The spot of the ball would be reviewed and Wazzu would be given the 1st down. Wilcox would now accept the holding penalty. Bears would play the 3rd and 9, but Evan Weaver would be called for a roughing the passer call. Wazzu would move the ball down the field with three 1st downs but the Cal defense would force the punting unit to come on after Kuony Deng deflected the pass over the middle on third down. With the ball back, the Bears would do the one thing we haven’t done a lot this season. Turn the ball over. Gavin Reinwald would fumble the ball on the Cal 19 with Wazzu recovering. The defense would come out to hold the Wazzu offense to a 30 yard Field Goal by Blake Mazza. Score? 6-5. 6 to 5?! What? The Bears would explode to end the quarter with a 48 yard reception by Jordan Duncan from Devon Modster. Bears lead 6-5 at the end of one.

2nd Quarter: The Empire Strikes Back

The Bears would strike again on a Play action rollout. Devon Modster would throw to Gavin Reinwald for the 9 yard TD pass. Bears defense? 3&Out. Offense would go back and try some big explosive plays. Modster would miss on all 3. He would lead his receiver too far inside on one. He would be hurried and throw too far deep, without his feet set, to the back of the end zone. On 4th down, he would hit Kekoa Crawford on the hand down the sideline, but Kekoa just couldn’t reel it in. Wazzu then goes 3&Out after one first down. Bears would go 3&Out on the ensuing drive. The Bears defense then broke down for a drive. Wazzu with a 10 play and 85 yard drive that would be capped off with a 17 yard TD pass from Gordon to Arconado. Bears would try a few plays to end the half, but ultimately kneel to close out the half. Bears lead 13-11 going into half.

3rd Quarter: The Force Awakens

The Bears started off the half with the ball and would go 3&Out after one first down. On the first defensive play, Jaylinn Hawkins would force the fumble on Easop Winston Jr. with Ashtyn Davis recovering the ball. Trevon Clark got an explosive play on the drive with a 23 yard trickery end around to him. Bears would capitalize on the turnover with a 13 yard catch and run from Christopher Brown Jr. from Devon Modster. On the following Kick-Off, an illegal hands to the face call would push the Cougars back, but that wouldn’t matter on this drive. The Cal defense would force a 3rd and 9, but give up a 28 yard pass that sparked a Wazzu offense to go 74 yards on 13 plays. They would be forced to settle for a 35 yard field goal by Blake Mazza. Cal’s offensive drive would be supported by a double penalty from Wazzu after a late hit and an unsportsmanlike conduct call on a Wazzu coach(??) What? Yeah. I have no idea. Bears lead 20-14 going into the 4th.

4th Quarter: The Rise of Skywalker

Greg Thomas’ kicking woes would continue with a 39 yard field goal attempt being blocked to start the quarter. Bears defense would get the 4&Turnover. The offense would be backed up after an unsportsmanlike conduct call on Tevin Paul on the previous 4th down play. BUT! The offense would capitalize again after the turnover. 8 plays and 93 yards. 52 of those 93 yards would be a 52 yard tunnel screen to Makai Polk that would see the end zone. First TD of Makai Polk’s Cal career is also his longest catch of his Cal Career. The TD was also setup by Devon Modster scrambling for 26 yards on the prior play. The defense started to put the clamps on Wazzu after the score, forcing the 4&Turnover on 4th and 15. Oh another turnover on downs? We’ll just score again please. Devon Modster would keep the ball on 4th down for a 13 yard rushing touch down. The score put the Bears over 30 points scored for the first time this season. Wazzu would score on their next possession with under 10 seconds left. The following onside kick would fly out of bounds. Modster jogs out to take the knee and it’s ball game.

Cal wins 33-20.