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The Wrap: Bears can’t get past the quack of the Ducks, takes the loss 7-17

Hope then flatline.

NCAA Football: California at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears got off to a quick start scoring on their second drive of the game after Ashtyn Davis’ first INT of the season. Devon Modster led the Bears with a cool demeanor and capped off the drive with a 22 yard touchdown pass to Christopher Brown Jr. The rest of the game? Well, it was a mediocre offensive showing from both teams.

1ST QUARTER: Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.

Cal ended the quarter with a 7 point lead. They held Justin Herbert to just 28 yards passing with an interception. The defense continued their dominance through their bend-not-break mentality, giving up 126 yards of total offense to the Ducks but zero points. The defense also showed up in full force, creating two turnovers off the Ducks. One being the Davis interception, the other being a fumble from back-up running back Travis Dye and Kuony Deng recovering. Oregon’s starting RB CJ Verdell went out with an injury mid-quarter and did not return the rest of the game.

Play of the Quarter: Ashtyn Davis’ interception that was his first of the season. It looked like a return to form of the Takers who were at their best this game and limited the best QB in the conference.

2ND QUARTER: I’d like a refill of Cheez-its please. Thanks.

The Bears started the quarter with a forced fumble off of Travis Dye again. Senior Safety Trey Turner forced the ball out with Senior DL Lone Toailoa recovering the ball. The Bears got their best chance to score off the turnover on this drive, but Thomas missed the 32 yard FGA. Oregon and Cal then both proceed to go 3-and-out, the Bears lucking out to a TD drop in the end zone followed by a missed 45 FGA by Camden Lewis. Cal then pushes the ball down the field in what looks to be a half ending scoring drive. A strip-sack on third down, but recovered by Cal, forces the offense out of field goal range. Modster heaves one into the end zone with 2 seconds left, but loses the ball on the throw leaving it short. The Ducks’ Jevon Holland intercepts the ball and that ended the first half. If you’re keeping count: That’s +3 turnovers with only 7 points and a missed FG.

Play of the Quarter: It has to be the DB play. The locked down the Oregon passing game for as much as you can expect them to, making pass break up after pass break up.

3RD QUARTER: Puddles finally gets out of his puddle

Bears have 4 drives in the quarter. They go 3-and-out on all four. Oregon has 4 drives in the quarter. They score a 28 yard field goal and a 1 yard touchdown.

Play of the Quarter: Jevon Holland takes a Coutts punt back 24 yards to set Oregon up on the Cal 30. 3 plays later, Oregon is celebrating its first touchdown of the game along with the lead.

4TH QUARTER: Could we comeba.....nope. yeah. nope. not happening.

The Bears came into the quarter with the ball but Modster threw his second INT of the game. Ball was thrown a tad bit behind Nikko Remigio, ball bounced off of his inside shoulder landing right into the hands of an Oregon defender. Herbert and co. drive 64 yards on 5 plays down the field capping it off with a perfectly executed misdirection TD pass to Jaylon Redd. (We should seriously steal that play from them by the way. Especially given how much we run stretch plays.) The Bears got the ball back with the chance to make it a one posession game, but squander it by going for a 41 yard field goal on 4th and 2, but a false start pushes it back to 4th and 7 making it a 46 yard field goal. Thomas misses the kick. Oregon gets the ball back, Cal forces them to punt but only 2 minutes left on the clock with no timeouts. Bears try a hurry up offense, get a single first down then proceeded to turn it over on downs. Oregon takes the knee and it’s the ball game.

Play of the Quarter: Oregon TD Play. What a misdirection call to make inside the 5 yard line. Great play design that had our entire defense on the wrong side of the field.

There is going to be a lot of conversation on the coaching, offense, defense, first half of the season. So, I leave you with this. The bye week could not have come at the perfect time.

California Rising.