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From the Mic Men: Revenge of the Weaver

We’re going to win. Here’s why:

Washington v California
Bears in 4
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Fall has arrived, and with it, a new beginning.

The story of the 2019 California Golden Bears football team did not end on a rainy September Friday. The season is not yet even halfway done, and we will have to ride the unforeseen highs and lows that come every year with being a Cal fan.

There are tougher tests than the Sun Devils, and each week will tell us more about the strength and fortitude of this team. This week, we learn about their perseverance. A bitter team, reeling from the crushing blow that happens with every year’s first defeat. Will frustration turn to depression or motivation? If you’ve been reading this column, you’ll know the answer already.

No one expects anything from us anymore. They have dropped our team from the polls, forgotten our players on watchlists, and left us to die alone in the wilderness. But we are coming back, and with a vengeance. Two years ago, we kept it close but failed to get on top. Last year, ranked on national television, a winnable game slipped through our hands.

Mark my words, this year, the third time will be the charm. Practice has been locked in this week. Wilcox sees this game as an opportunity to reverse the narrative. Most importantly, Weaver is angry. And so, the California Golden Bears will return from Autzen, cloaked in victory. In the words of Cal Band this week, “Go Bears, beat the Ducks!”