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Cal vs. Oregon State, 2nd Half: Bears lose 17-21


NCAA Football: California at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

1st Half Stats:


Cal Offense 7th Drive: Cal starts on own 25. Offense moves the chains a bit and gets downfield. A sack forces the punt from Cal from inside the OSU half.

Cal Defense 7th Drive: Cal forces the 3-and-out. Much needed

Cal Offense 8th Drive: Cal starts on own 42 after holding call during the return. Modster with a HUGE run again. Modster fumbles it at the end but Reinwald there to recover it. 2 fouls on OSU with a PI and unsportsmanlike conduct puts the Bears on the OSU 2 yard line. CBJ with some shifty moves nd a spin to get himself into the endzone.

Cal Scoring Drive: 8 plays, 69 yards, 3:26

Cal Defense 8th Drive: Start off with a sack from Goode and Zeandae. Kuony chases down Hodgins and OSU is 3-and-out.

Cal Offense 9th Drive: Cal starts on own 35. Cal goes 3-and-out.

Cal Defense 9th Drive: GREAT PUNT BY COUTTS. PR muffs it but recovers and is tackled at the OSU 2. Cal forces the 3 and out.

Cal Offense 10th Drive: Cal starts on the 50. 16 yard deep out to Nikko is good. MODSTER THROWS TO THE ENDZONE TO DUNCAN. TOUCHDOWN. 33 yard pass from Modster.

Cal Scoring Drive: 3 plays, 50 yards, 1:05


Cal Defense 10th Drive: Reverse gets a big chunk play for OSU, 24 yards. Cal forces the out and OSU punts.

Cal Offense 11th Drive: Cal starts on own 7. Bears go 3-and-out.

Cal Defense 11th Drive: OSU starts on own 40. Intentional grounding call forces a huge loss.

Cal Offense 12th Drive: Cal starts on own 35. Modster’s footwork was off on the 3rd down play after coming up slow on 2nd down.

Cal Defense 12th Drive: OSU starts on own 20. OSU Scores on a short TD run.

OSU Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 80 yards, 4:52

Cal Offense 13th Drive: Brasch is in the game. One good throw, then ball is tipped and intercepted on his third pass.

Cal Defense 13th Drive: OSU starts on own 45. Cal forces the 4th down. OSU converts. OSu goes 3-and-out on the following and punts.

Cal Offense 14th Drive: Cal starts on own 9 with 1 minute. PI call moves the ball 15 yards. 1 sack, 1 incomplete pass and a completion to Dancy gets them to 4th down. Brasch takes a sack and its game over.