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Golden Nuggets: Bears Hope To Begin Another Run

Gameday spotlight features on, among others, Trey Turner and Greg Thomas

NCAA Football: California at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


The Bears also need to prove to themselves that they can win with Devon Modster as their quarterback. Cal is 4-0 in games in which Chase Garbers played more than a half, but 0-2 when Modster played more than a half.

Although Cal hopes Garbers will play again this season, Wilcox would not offer a timetable for his return.

“That would be up to the doctors,” he said. “I’m not qualified to answer that question.”

  • In the Wilcox era (and prior, as well) the Bears have struggled to win in October. Here’s the recipe for changing that.
  • Trey Turner hasn’t started a game, but he still believes he was right to attend Cal all the way from Alabama.
  • Jake Curhan may not get a lot of credit, but he is one of the heroes for the Cal football offense.
  • This in-depth interview with Greg Thomas details what went through his head during the winning kick against UW, and even how he felt about missing two FGs at Oregon.
  • Justin Herbert threw his first interception of the season thanks to Ashtyn Davis. Josh Yuen looks at the tape to see how that play unfolded.
  • Spencer Golanka pleads with Cal students to attend the Oregon State game despite the two game losing streak and perceived lack of quality of OSU.
  • Mike Leach recently was asked about a Pac-12 Mascot Battle. Well, Michael Brust explains why Oski would win that hypothetical battle.


If there’s one word that can best describe Fox’s approach to coaching, it’s accountability. Last year, no one on Cal seemed willing to accept responsibility for what was going wrong. The coaches felt it was the players’ fault and the players felt it was the coaches’ fault. Fox is making it clear that such blaming doesn’t accomplish anything and that everyone needs to be united in turning this ship around.

“From day one Coach Fox came in and held everybody accountable,” Bradley said. “Our managers; our players; everybody and he’s installed a winning mentality within all of us and with practices and with everything we do, we just gotta take everything seriously and he has a good saying: ‘The small things don’t matter once you take all the small things very seriously.’

So regardless if it’s doing laundry or running through a play, we gotta do everything at a hundred percent because that’s what leads up to winning, so it’s been really good, though.With Coach Fox, he just brings, with the supporting cast, Coach Wilson is still here as of last year, but everything is just going good right now. They’re getting us on the right track for season and I’m just looking forward to the season, really.”

  • Women’s basketball is back in camp and there are a lot of new faces, and some reserves last year that will play a bigger role now.


  • Find out why Track runner Annie Boos has All-Academic recognition from the conference and the nation.
  • Get excited for Women’s Gymnastics as the 2020 schedule is out! The Bears open the season in Anaheim on Jan 5. in the Under Armour Classic that features Stanford, and powerhouses Oklahoma and UCLA.

Beat the Beavers!