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Golden Nuggets: Evan Weaver Gets On The Athletic

Not a whole lot of stuff during the bye week...

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  • Not a whole lot of articles are being released during the Bye Week, but if you have an Athletic subscription, check this out...

Bruce Feldman writes about Evan Weaver’s success, despite not being highly recruited.

  • Emily Ohman explains why we need to give Modster a chance to prove himself.
  • Or take a look back at when pre-season expectations were really high in this article about the defensive backs, originally published before the season but now available online.


  • Also originally from before the season, this article explains how Jennifer Dorr was convinced to stick around after Sam Crosson took the head coaching job from her after the 2018 season. This article includes quotes from Cal alumni like Carli Lloyd and Tarah Murray about Crosson.