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Cal women’s basketball loses its third in a row to UCLA


Cal women’s basketball

The California Golden Bears women’s basketball team has now lost three in a row, dropping another game at home to the UCLA Bruins, 84-79. Kristine Anigwe put up 32 points and 14 rebounds, with Asha Thomas adding 18 points in support. On most nights, that would be enough.

But the Bears let the Bruins hang around, turning the ball over 19 times, leading to 23 UCLA points. 16 offensive rebounds for UCLA also helped give the Bruins 16 more field goal attempts than the Bears. Cal let a three point lead with 20 seconds left disappear on a free throw, missed free throw, unguarded offensive rebound putback sequence, and the Bears offense fell apart in overtime.

Here is the box score.

Cal now falls to 9-3 on the season and is in danger of their season going sideways, after such promise to start and a strong result against UConn. Can Cal resolve their inconsistencies? There are winnable games ahead.