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Golden Nuggets: Kristine Anigwe and Cal Face Colorado (And Jon Wilner Critiques FB Coaching Moves)

Several Olympic Sports began their camp last week!

NCAA Womens Basketball: California at Connecticut
Our photo poll doesn’t have much WBB so expect these same pics over and over...
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Another lost weekend for the men’s basketball team, but the women are looking to salvage a Mountain road trip. A loss today could seriously endanger hopes for a NCAA bid.

  • Published before the Utah loss but still readable today, Kristine Anigwe has improved her game big time during her senior year. Is a DPOY possible?


Nobody got fired.

Nobody is leaving on his own accord.

Instead, Wilcox simply moved his existing pieces into new roles:

Playcaller Beau Baldwin will also coach the quarterbacks; Marques Tuiasosopo will slide from quarterbacks/passing game coordinator to tight ends; Burl Toler III will move from running backs to receivers; and Nicholas Edwards will switch from receivers to running backs.

In other words: Wilcox believes he has the right coaching personnel to win but needed to put the assistants in better position to be successful.

We get it, and taken individually, the moves make sense: In all but one case (Edwards), the coach has deep experience in his new role.

But it’s also a safe play when the Bears are running out of time for safe plays.

  • Evan Weaver, Camryn Bynum, and Ashtyn Davis show up in Wilner’s 2019 All-Pac-12 projections.
  • Golden Bear Report recaps the QB play of last season, and speculates on what will happen next season.
  • Should the Pac-12 title game move to Vegas? (And should premiere non-conference basketball games be scheduled close to the site of the game for the same weekend?) Hopefully this question will be relevant to Cal this year.
  • The Daily Cal writes about the Super Bowl and the Cal alums participating.


  • It is not too long until baseball season begins, and we have reason to be excited. Andrew Vaughn is coming off the Golden Spikes award and wants to help Cal reach their first NCAA Tournament with him on the roster. Find out how he spent his offseason training for the season.


  • Several sports teams have begun their training after the semester started last week. Here are the writeups for Beach Volleyball and Women’s Lacrosse, plus a video for Softball below.
  • Learn about Men’s Gymnastics assistant coach Mark Freeman. Freeman was a star for Cal back in the late 2000s and even performed with Cirque du Soleil before returning to Berkeley. See everyone in Haas tonight!

Beat the Buffs!