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NCAA Football: Cheez-It Bowl-Texas Christian vs California Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Early signing period for recruiting came and went. How do you feel about the class?

Attila LS Gero: I think this is a really solid class overall. I’ve noticed a lot of size from the class, top 5 ranked commits on 24/7 Sports are 6’3 or taller, in clouding the four-star linebacker Kuony Deng who stands 6’6. The Cal staff got a player from nearly every position which will add a ton of depth and completion across the roster. I think this will be a very underrated class looking back.

Piotr T Le: We got a lot of guys who can contribute, with one game changer in Brett Johnson and Blake Antzoulatos as the future star ILB for Cal. I am confident the drop-off on any phase of the defense will be low/minimal. On offense only the arrival of transfers will help the offense with Modster/Brasch bringing in much needed competition in the QB position. With the departure of Adams, the DeCarlos Brooks addition will be important for the long term health of the position.

thedozen: Cal seemed to fall in the middle of the conference pack. Kuony Deng should be an important signing for the offensive line.

Rob Hwang: The Bears stocked up on defense for the future, and brought in immediate impact players for the offense. I’d say it was a success for the now. Not reeling in some 4 year players on the offensive side that could play immediately is the only issue and the coaching staff will have to re-evaluate the offensive recruiting direction.

Who do you think will be the stars from this class? Are you rooting for any particular guy or group in particular?

thedozen: All eyes will be on quarterback Devon Modster, but I’m also excited about WR Jawaun Johnson out of Fullerton College and DT Ben Coleman from Temecula.

Piotr T Le: The consensus is that Johnson/Antzoulatos/Deng are going to be early and important contributors on the team. Depending on if Weaver stays/leaves for the NFL we might see Antzoulatos join Tattersall/Doughty in the ILB position. So I will go into the deeper and say Ryan Puskas. His experience as a safety and move towards ILB will allow Cal to play him as a hybrid strong safety/ILB in strong nickel packages where the hybrid can play coverage while still being a force in the run game.

On offense is the Brasch/Brooks seems to be the leads. Branden Rhome looks for me to be a great addition to the OL that is going to shift towards a Greatwood recruited/coached line Next year we might see Craig/Rhome/Saffel/Cindric/Curhan from left to right. However all three of the OL recruits could play next year with McKade Mettauer and Driscoll having potential to be contributors.

Atilla LS Gero: Who doesn’t like quarterbacks? i’m excited to watch dual-threat QB Spencer Brasch develop. Trevon Clark is an intriguing wide receiver as well, listed at 6’4 and 180 pounds, he already has CFB experience playing at a JUCO last season.

Rob Hwang: Brett Johnson will be the star of this class, barring extenuating circumstances. Physically, he is ready to compete from day 1, the question will be learning the playbook and making good habits through practice. The biggest group I’m rooting for is the WR class. There is a lot of opportunity for any of them to step up. Kekoa Crawford and Trevon Clark are the most likely due to their experience either at D1 or JUCO, but do not be surprised if Makai Polk gets in the mix early.