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Golden Nuggets: Truth Monday, Bowl Predictions

Check out the new Cal Beach Volleyball Court!

Idaho State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


  • Justin Wilcox talked to the secondary on Truth Monday, basically telling them that despite the 3-0 start there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“I want them to feel good. We’re 3-0. We’ve battled. We’ve gotten better. But we’re not even close to being there — at our best,” Wilcox said. “They understand that. They came out and worked. In the meetings, they’re taking the coaching.

“We’re probably never going to play the perfect game, but we’re always in pursuit of that.”

For Cal’s offense, the week will be focused on getting the running game untracked, and for the defense, it’ll be about finishing.

  • Of course, no one needed to tell Evan Weaver that. Last GN I posted his post-game presser where he was really upset about the defense giving up 23 points. Sophie Goethals has more on this.

“We’ve really got to pick up ourselves, because this has been a horrible first three games towards the end of the game,” Weaver said. “We can’t close out a game, we can’t finish it, and for some reason, I don’t know if it’s our mindset or what we’re doing, or if we’re just not focusing, but we really need to crack down on whatever it is and figure it out right now.”

While Weaver’s frustration is an indication that there’s still room for the defense to grow, it’s also emblematic of another trend — this one more positive. His anger after a win shows just how hungry this new Bears team is. The players aren’t simply settling for wins — they’re only going to be pleased if those wins are well-earned.

That trend is something common among the highest-level programs, and it’s important that it has permeated this Cal squad. With a team that has the potential to be one of the best that the Berkeley faithful has seen in years, this drive for perfection in every facet is one that could push it just far enough.


Go BeArs