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Golden Nuggets: Greg Thomas Named Kicker; Predicting Cal/UNC Final Score

Patrick Laird talks with the great Michael Lewis

California v Stanford
Of course, that’s Matt Anderson. Not Greg Thomas. Thomas will be getting in our photo pool soon enough...
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In an effort to replace Matt Anderson, who graduated as the school’s all-time leading scorer with 316 points, Cal was chasing two other preferred walk-on prospects. When neither arrived in January, special teams coach Charlie Ragle put his vast list of contacts to work.

He got word of a kicker at City College of San Francisco, and it was a name the coach remembered from his days at Arizona (2012-16). That was enough to prompt Ragle to go watch Thomas kick and review his video.

Sure enough, this was the same Greg Thomas, who backed up 2016 Lou Groza Award winner Zane Gonzalez at Arizona State and kicked in relative obscurity at CCSF last season.

“I think he was done (as a football player). I think he was under the impression that he wasn’t going to have an opportunity, and he was just going to come to school here,” Ragle said. “… But everything lined up for him. … It was a perfect scenario for him and us.”

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