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Predict the 2018 Pac-12 Football Season!

Last week we predicted the Bears’ season. Today, the fate of EVERYONE is in our hands.

Trump Campaign Prepares For Election Night Event
You know he’d pick the Lobsterbacks to win the conference.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Last week we predicted Cal’s chances of beating each of its 12 opponents on the schedule (and if you didn’t, go here to do so). That was fun, wasn’t it? You know what’s 4.5 times more fun than that? Picking the winners of all 54 Pac-12 conference games this season!

This one is so easy that even an Oregon fan can do it. For each game, pick the winner. That’s it. If you have trouble accessing the form below (make sure to scroll down on the form itself), you can go here for a direct link.

Thanks for participating! We’ll post the results next week.