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The Play bobblehead giveaway for The Big Game

Get Hyped!

Cal Athletics is doing another bobblehead giveaway this season! The last one for football was the Marshawn-Golf-Cart-Bobblehead a few years ago. This time its a bobblehead based off The Play. The bobblehead will be available to the first 10,000 at this years Big Game.

The seven-inch bobblehead features Moen leaping with the ball high in the air with a trombone laying by his side. Back on Nov. 20, 1982, Cal defeated Stanford in perhaps the most exciting finish in the history of college football. Trailing 20-19 with four seconds remaining after Stanford scored a go-ahead field goal, the Bears used five laterals during a 57-yard kickoff return, with Moen reaching the end zone by running through the Stanford Band. After Moen jumped in celebration, he famously landed on Stanford trombone player Gary Tyrell. Ever since, the game’s finish has simply been known as The Play, and a video of the return has been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube.

Are you excited for this giveaway? What other promotions would you like to see this season? Let us know in the comments below!