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Cal Football Fall Camp 2018: Final Day!


NCAA Football: California at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

With Saturday being the last day of Fall Camp, the Bears completed the 2 week regiment in some scrimmage situations. Other than the usual stretching and individual drills, the practice was all about in game scenarios with Referees on hand. Here are some of my compiled stats and thoughts!


Brandon McIlwain

Rushing: 62YDS - 2TDs

Passing: 4/9 - 63YDS

Ross Bowers

Rushing: 4YDS

Passing: 13/19 - 86YDS - 2TDs/INT

Chase Garbers

Rushing: 65YDS - TD

Passing: 14/22 - 168YDS- 2TDs/INT


Patrick Laird: 19 YDS & TD

Derrick Clark: 23 YDS

Marcel Dancy: 61 YDS & TD

Christopher Brown: 16 YDS

Johnny Adams: 17 YDS

Alex Netherda: 3 YDS & TD

Biaggio Ali-Walsh: 22 YDS

WRs & TEs

Vic Wharton: 5 REC for 34 YDS

Jeremiah Hawkins: 3 REC for 30 YDS

Moe Ways: 2 REC for 45 YDS. TD

Kanawai Noa: 2 REC for 20 YDS. TD

Ian Bunting: 2 REC for 14 YDS

FGs & PATs

Gabe Siemieniec: 1/2 FGs (2-2 PAT) - Long: 48

Greg Thomas: 2/2 FGs (2-2 PAT) - Long: 50

Dario Longhetto: 1/1 FGs (1-1 PAT) Long: 45

Chris Landgrebe: 1/2 FGs (No PATs Attempted) - Long: 45

Some of the defensive stats were hard to take down but here are some of the highlights for the defensive side of the ball.

  • Joey Ogunbanjo is a force to be reckoned with off the edge. I would not be surprised to see him play early on.
  • The DBs play fearlessly and also with the confidence that they can break up any play and cause a turnover when they see an opportunity.
  • Lone Toailoa can wreak havoc on an OL. He’s got an unending motor and a relentlessness about getting to the ball.
  • Evan Rambo seems to be 100% back to what we remember him being. With Ashtyn Davis, Jaylinn Hawkins, Trey Turner at safety that’s one position we won’t have to worry about for depth and talent.
  • We know the starters at LB will be solid, but some of the backups and newcomers like Evan Weaver and Evan Tattersall have played some outstanding football this camp.
  • The entire defense seems so much comfortable in their blitz packages now. The team as a whole is faster and quicker off the snap because they know their assignments and are not still processing the play/adjustments prior to the snap.

I did list most of the offensive stats, but here are some of my takeaways for the offense:

  • There’s a good headache for the spot of 2nd RB. I can make a case for every single RB, not named Patrick Laird, to be the number 2 on the depth chart. That’s how different and how good each of them have been.
  • Nikko Remigio and Jeremiah Hawkins are some real speed guys that will be the answer to our “speed” question. Vertical speed won’t be an issue when these guys are on the field.
  • The OL is as solid as it gets. We return all 5 of our starters and have built solid depth behind them. Even some of the young freshman look good in short spurts and could easily be guys that spell the starters for calls that work to their strength.
  • QB has become a battle. Every QB has stepped up as camp progressed, granted there was a little bit of a lull in the middle of camp, but when it came to game scenarios all of the QBs rose to the occasion. Each QB really does bring something different to the table, and if we’re going off of JUST Saturday’s performance? Chase Garbers has also entered the competition. The kid was explosive and decisive with his running, and stood tall in the pocket for any pass plays.
  • The TE depth and talent has allowed the offense to really take off and become much more diverse. It’s tough to tell from a defensive standpoint, where and how TEs may be utilized until the play set and most times after the snap.

There you have it. Camp is done. 2 weeks until UNC. We have arrived folks. Time to start the final countdown!