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Predict the 2018 Cal Football Season

The season opener is only two weeks away. Let’s run one more round of season predictions.

If the fish turns blue, Cal wins the Rose Bowl.
Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

After 8 months of offseason, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (and unlike the 2013 season the light isn’t an oncoming train). Fall camp will soon come to a close and the Bears will begin preparing for the season opener against North Carolina. We last ran our season predictions series after the conclusion of spring practice, but we’ve learned some useful information since then. Rob’s practice reports suggest that Bowers has made some improvements, while McIlwain seems to be favored to earn a starting role on the ALL CAPS TEAM. Also, we now have tight ends. Lots of them!

In addition to learning about the Bears, we’ve also learned more about our opponents. Although North Carolina’s Chazz Surratt wasn’t necessarily a shoe-in to win the starting role, his four-game suspension forces Nathan Elliot to lace up as the starting QB. A host of other suspensions will make it much harder for the Tar Heels to start the season on the right foot. Closer to home, the Pac-12 Media Poll suggests that Washington is still an unstoppable death machine, but much of the Pac-12 is a muddled mess of middling teams. Can the Bears finally escape the bottom-third of the conference and claw their way into that juicy middle? We’ll have to wait a few months for an answer to that, but for now we can figure out how the Cal fanbase feels about this upcoming season.

In the exercise below I want you to give us the chance that Cal will win each game. If you think Cal has a 50% chance of defeating that opponent, enter “0.50” in the form. If the Bears have a 99.9% chance of laying the smackdown, enter “0.999.” Please keep your entries between 0 and 1, or else my number-crunching machine will experience an integer overflow and then we’ll have to send one of the interns to go sweep up all those digits. If you have trouble accessing the form embedded below (make sure to scroll down on the form itself), you can access it via this direct link. Protip: if you’re interesting in seeing your projected win total for the Bears, add up all your predictions (and I encourage you to share your win projection in the comments).

Thanks for participating! We will post the results a few days before the UNC game. And stay tuned next week for the first part of our Pac-12 Predictions series.