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Golden Nuggets: We Did It!! Andrew Vaughn Named Finalist for Golden Spikes Award

Congrats to Natalie Coughlin!!!



  • Andrew Vaughn was named a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award. This came after a fan-vote that I advertised a few times. Coincidence? Probably, it didn’t look like he was getting much votes from the fans (only 5% of the decision) compared to players from high profile schools, so this decision was mostly based on the committee. Still, I’m okay with saying WE DID IT!!!! You can vote again here!


  • Jon Wilner theorizes on why the Pac-12 banned 5-7 teams in the conference from using APR (or anything else) to get a bowl game.

With the self-imposed postseason ban, we’re in slightly more nuanced territory because of the recruiting calendar.

The early-signing window, which has quickly became the primary signing window, falls on or about Dec. 20. This creates a significant conflict for coaches trying to prepare for the early bowl games.

What’s more, the teams that would be affected by the new postseason policy — the five-win teams — will either have just completed a coaching change, be smack in the middle of a coaching change, or have their attention focused entirely on securing a quality recruiting class.

Hauling that five-win team across the country for a meaningless, money-losing postseason experience probably won’t be atop the priority list.

And yes, the economics are absolutely a piece of the calculation:

For 5-7 teams, the bowl game is likely to be a money loser because of poor ticket sales, high travel costs and the bonus paid to the head coach for qualifying for a bowl — yep, even though he had a losing season. (They all get postseason bonuses these days.)

So the schools are left with an experience that doesn’t make sense economically (money loser) or competitively (recruiting should be the priority), that doesn’t energize fans or showcase a quality product.



  • Want your kid to be a Cal Rugby legend, or are one of our high school readers (Hi!), consider Cal Rugby Camp!

Academic Success For the Crew

  • Fifteen Bears on the NCAA Champion Women’s Rowing made the Pac-12 All-Academic team! Congrats to Roisin Duffy, Zoe Feist, and Dana Moffat (first team); Ellie Howe, and Bea Bliemel (second team); Chloe Betts, Riley Brown, Hannah Christopher, Katie De Haas, Juliane Faralisch, Alex Floyd, Elisa Forbes, Katie Kelly, Samantha Lamos, and Tara O’Reilly (honorable mentions)!
  • Not to be completely outdone, the Men’s Rowing team sent 14 athletes to the All-Academic team. Congrats to Alex Wallis, and Natan Wegrzycki-Szymczyk (first team); Maarten Hurkmans, and Ferdinand Querfeld (second team); Jared Arat, Colin Fitzpatrick, Jack Gosden-Kaye, Hunter Hodges, Martin Mackovic, James Riley, Elliot Rogers, Christoph Seifriedsberger, and Joachim Sutton (honorable mentions)!

Track and Field

Congrats to all the Cal Baseball draftees!