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Golden Nuggets: Why did Antzoulatos Choose Cal?

SF Gate has a glowing Jim Knowlton profile.

Keith Miller #53...

Got to wake up at 4am so I may mail these 10 articles in...


“I’ve always been partial towards Cal,” Antzoulatos said. “They were the first ones that really took interest in me. Coach Sirmon and I have a great relationship going, he’s been on me a lot. I really love the defense they have going on there, coach DeRuyter’s a great DC. I’m super excited to see how I fit in.”

Antzoulatos noted that he’d watched some of Sirmon’s college film at Oregon, and his experience playing in the NFL pushed the Chaminade standout toward playing for him at Cal.

”He’s been around, he knows what he’s talking about,” Antzoulatos said, “I can’t really think of anybody else better to teach me how to play linebacker.”

As usual, the glut of early-season games created an overlap situation. This year, it comes in Week Three, with three games mashed into the 2 and 3 p.m. kickoff windows and all of them airing on the Pac-12 Networks.

Oregon-San Jose State will be on the National and Oregon feeds, but Colorado-New Hampshire will be shown only on the Mountain feed and Cal-Idaho State only on the Bay Area feed.

if you’re a fan of the Bears or Buffs but don’t have access to the Bay Area or Mountain feeds, respectively, you are out of luck with regard to linear TV access.

  • Last week, the SF Chronicle uncovered some troubling news that Cal had scrapped a promised probe of the Cal football team after the tragic death of Ted Agu. This might get more attention from me and others and time goes on. For some reason I missed it when it came out.


Question: Building on that, what are you looking forward to most about being here at Cal?

Marty Wilson: Winning. That’s all it’s about. Winning, but getting better. You can’t win unless you get better and one thing we talk about that I used to talk about all the time with our guys is our job every day is to get better. And if they get better one inch, imagine how much better they’re going to get over the year and if each individual player can get better collectively, our team has gotten better. So that’s the main thing and obviously we want to improve our program where we can get the chance to play in the big dance and then eventually fight for Sweet Sixteens and Elite Eights, etc. That’s the ultimate goal is to try to play at the highest level.

There’s no reason why at a place like Cal you can’t do it that, but there’s a process. You don’t just say let’s go get these players and then let’s win. You have to get the right guys; you gotta get guys that are committed, guys that buy in, guys that want to work together, guys that are coachable, and again not just the basketball side. Guys that want to go to class, because they go hand in hand and Cal’s a great school, it’s great academics, and you want guys that, their degree is important.


Question: As far as your last job at UCLA, what can you take from that experience and apply it to your new job here at Cal?

David Grace: It was a tremendous experience. I really enjoyed the people there at UCLA. I had a great time. A big part that I’ll take from it is it’s a UC school. So I already know the ins and outs of the UC system. The academic side of the house and how UC schools go about their business on the athletic side as well. So, I have seamless transition to another UC school. So that’s a big plus for me. I just finished my tenth year in the Pac-12 and this is my third school, so I’m very familiar with the Pac-12. Probably more familiar than most. So those are some of the things and then you know, we recruited the same type of kids as well, so knowing the teams in the league, knowing the locations of the schools, knowing their history, knowing the history of the other Pac-12 schools and knowing the history of Cal makes it an easy transition. So that’s what I’m going to take from UCLA.


Knowlton has labeled the first three months of his tenure as “listening days,” during which he’ll process a ton of information about Cal sports — a department that faces daunting tasks of balancing its heavily-in-debt program by 2020 and changing to proportionality for Title IX compliance by 2021.

“Everywhere I look, there are opportunities,” Knowlton said. “Are there hard things we’re going to do? Oh, you bet.

“Anyone who reads anything about us knows we’ve got three or four major challenges, but none of them are insurmountable. I think we can do them proactively, and not only get past that, but start really excelling.”

  • Some awards for Men’s Water Polo. Luca Cupido won the Peter J. Cutino Award, AKA the National Player of the Year. Congrats!
  • Jordan Hoover, Gianni Taranto, Bernardo Carelli, Cupido, Timothy Simen, Chase Hamming, Cameron Wright, and Nikos Delagrammatikas made the team’s annual Academic Starting 7. The seven were chosen by their GPAs. I listed them in order (Hoover had a stunning 3.9)