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Roundtables: Pac-12 Media Days

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It’s almost that time of year.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pac-12 Media Days is in about a month’s time. Other than Cal, which team would you want to interview? What would you want to ask their HC?

Rob Hwang: I’ve attended for a few years now and without a doubt, Mike Leach is the best interview because he’s willing to talk about anything non-football related. You might get the best soundbytes for the whole year in this 20 minute session. Personally, I wouldn’t mind sitting down with Chris Petersen and talking about the x’s and o’s and how he can build success without the wow factor that schools in the SEC and Big10.

Nick Kranz: I’d have to think that the teams with new head coaches are the most intriguing this season, if only for the novelty of the unknown. For that reason, two head coaches clearly stand out.

I would love to listen to Chip Kelly get interviewed by a really knowledgeable Xs and Os person regarding the evolution of his offense, how well it did (or didn’t) adapt to the pros, and how what he’s planning on doing at UCLA differs from what he did at Oregon. This type of conversation won’t happen for a variety of reasons, but it would be as interesting and relevant as any conversation with a Pac-12 coach. I’m fascinated by the Kelly takeover, and I could imagine it turning out in any number of different ways depending on how much the league has evolved and how much Kelly has taken away from his NFL failure.

And for very different reasons, Herm Edwards’ press conference could end up being pretty interesting. By now he has probably gotten used to the day-to-day of college football and presumably won’t be quite as prone to bizarre, out-of-touch comments. But it’s also clear that his preferred culture at ASU is a little bit different than how most coaches run their programs, and I’d like to hear more about how that’s going . . . if Herm were willing to be honest about it, which might or might not be the case.

Piotr Le: I would ask Herm about the difference between past and present college football. There are ideas that remain constant across times: athleticism matters, ground game relies on a solid o-line. But I would ask him how he’s going to adapt his years of experience from the past into the present landscape of the Pac-12.

TwistNHook: I would like to interview USC to see how they sleep at night. I would like to interview Stanford to see if they have any openings in their marching band. I would like to interview California, because its fun!