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Roundtables: Attendance and Marketing.

Can we put some more butts in seats?

NCAA Football: Oregon State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Attendance has been an issue for Cal Football the last few years. Are there any promotions or events you would do to try and draw a bigger crowd? Which age demographic would you target?

Rob Hwang: Do a cheap ticket pass. Free food voucher for the cheaper endzone tickets. Anything to get people to attend and atleast be at the start of games. I understand if you have a family or the game score is so lopsided that the casual fan would want to leave early, but the atmosphere of games would be so much better if we could atleast start games with a decently full crowd. We also need some better entertainment or things to do around the stadium before kickoff. I personally know of some families that decide not to go because there are not alot of things for the kids to be excited to do since they dont really understand the sport of football. So, come on Cal. There has to be some easy ways to get butts in seats for the few OOC games we have at home.

Nicole Lee: Since last year, incoming freshmen haven’t been offered free season passes to the games. I think that has a definite impact on the turnout of students. If freshmen aren’t exposed to the excitement and atmosphere of game days from the start, they won’t know what they’re missing in the years that follow. I know there have been a lot of budget cuts, but I think drawing in freshmen, either with cheaper tickets or more free game day gear, could be an investment!

Nik Jam: The Marshawn Lynch bobblehead was real popular but it was still a low attended game. People weren’t gonna buy tickets and then risk being too late to get the giveaway. Howabout a new bobblehead, whether DeSean or someone else, but guarantee that everyone gets one? Maybe that game would sell out for sure. Even a t-shirt or a low quality Cal jersey could work.

They could take a cue from pro sports teams and do themed nights too. A Pride Day or African American Heritage Day could go over really well.

And yes, cheaper tickets. Day of game discounts, for example.

TwistNHook: The events that I would like to try is winning on a consistent basis. I think that would bring in that all important 0-110 years old demographic. Those 111 year old people do not care THAT much about winning, but the rest of us do. And if you win on a consistent basis then all the gimmicky bobbleheads or events are not that meaningful. I started watching in 1999. We’ve only won consistently for a few years in the last 20. 2002-2009, really, and it was only at an elite level from 2004-2006.

The Raiders leaving might help, also. Less competition. So, let’s do that!

Ruey Yen: I think the main necessary change has already been addressed by Cal Athletics, which is having an earlier game time. The known home game start times right now (against an East Coast team in North Carolina and against Idaho State, AKA a TV doesn’t really care game) are both decent, but what will happen for those Pac-12 games when the big time TV networks want those games but only at that 7pm PT or later start time? For the average fan with family, the convenience of the start time is more important than the giveaways or the matchup. These local fans, particularly those without any other ties to Cal, are the draws that are necessary for Cal Football to fulfill its potential as the flagship program in a large state.

Outside of the game time, the next best thing that Cal Football can do is by having more of those splashy giveaway like the Marshawn Lynch bobblehead last year. That gaveaway got a lot of national exposures. It might have reflected in the actual stadium attendance (due to other factors), but I am sure a lot of the local memorabilia dealers made a killing selling these online.

I am also excited to see how (if any) the new tailgating setup right by Memorial Stadium may bring in some new crowds. Otherwise, we have just got to invite EVERYBODY to the CGB affiliated tailgates further away from the Stadium.