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Roundtables: OOC Early Start Times.

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Early KickOff!

Washington State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

First three OOC game times have been announced. Do you like the schedule of day games to start the season at home with the one 730PM away game at BYU sandwiched in between?

Piotr Le: I am fine with it, especially with only 1 night game as a East Coast bear it will do wonders for my sleep schedule. Though it could be hard on the players as they are going to try to find their groove early in the season with so much travel cutting into rest, recovery, and prep time between games.

Boomtho: My favorite home game starts are in the 3:30-5:30PM window. That being said, the early starts are better than the late starts (though the game have been mercfully shorter under Wilcox than Coach Dykes) - so I’m generally happier with this OOC schedule than years past!

Andy Johnston: Anyone who says they like a 7:30pm start time is lying to themselves but I am thrilled about the two daytime starts in the first three games. Thank you Fox Sports for not constantly ruining our sleep schedules. Ultimately after last year this schedule certainly seems much better but ESPN scheduling looms and that usually spells trouble.

Rob Hwang: I like 7:30PM start times. I love night games purely for their ambiance and the feel of playing under the lights but realistically the best game times are the 5:30 starts that get the 1st half during the day and the 2nd half at night. The start times to start off the season are great though. In a perfect world, these early times will draw bigger crowds and if we win these, then we might have bigger crowds for some later games as conference games begin.

Berkelium97: As an east coaster who has suffered through too many games ending at 2 or 3am (thanks 2016 Oregon), I’m delighted with these afternoon starts. This is also good for the fans. It’s much easier to bring kids and/or get home at a reasonable hour when games take place in the afternoon. I don’t mind the BYU game’s late start because 1) it doesn’t have an adverse effect on attendance at Memorial Stadium and 2) the fact that it’s Mountain time means it should be over by 1230am or 1 eastern, which isn’t unreasonably late.

Nik Jam: I love home day games since that’s what is popular with our fanbase, so hopefully that will mean a larger crowd. (Though I don’t personally mind the late starts) I have a concert the night of the BYU game so I was hoping for a day game, but I’ll either DVR it or catch the end at a bar near the Greek Theater.

What do you think of the early start times? Let us know in the comments below!