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Roundtables: Recruiting Pitch.

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Coffee is for closers.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Texas A&M v California Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

LB Blake Antzoulatos, QB Spencer Brasch, OL/DL Ben Coleman all committed to the Bears the past couple of weeks. So let’s play recruiter for a second. How would you pitch playing for Cal and what the program offers. We all know of the academics so let’s exclude that.

Piotr Le:

“Look, we aren’t recruiting you to come to Berkeley just because you can play ball for us. We’re recruiting you because once practice is over on weekdays you still have the drive to maximize each an every opportunity that comes. This is a place where opportunities are bountiful but they are also hard to get, this isn’t just a place for you to start on your NFL resume.

This is a place to start your future business that will be, your lifetime stock portfolio that’ll feed your kids 40 years from now, this is a place where you will meet people who will occupy the front pages of the politics, science, arts, and sports websites for the next 50 years. These opportunities expand past the campus as well, you can study at Berkeley and then go check out a show in Oakland, catch the A’s or the Giants game, grab some of the finest grub on this side of the Mississippi.

We chose you because unlike others you can take the most of the opportunities in and outside of the classroom. Because being a Cal football player means being a Berkeley student, and a member of the Bay Area community.”


I would probably make a horrible recruiter, but that being said, there are a few points I would repeatedly emphasize for Cal’s value proposition for student athletes:

-Successful track record of repeatedly getting players to the NFL

-SAHPC and investment in new facilities designed to support football & academic performance

-Professional opportunities (internships, jobs) from being at a great school in the Bay Area

-Huge network of Cal professionals at the best companies, in the best roles - especially in the Bay Area

-In and Out a short drive away!

Andy Johnston:

*cues music*

”You see a place, that’s alive, with purpose and passion. You see a place, inspired, by a long tradition of untraditional excellence. You see a place built by the people, for the people, of California, the nation and the world. What do you see? UC Berkeley.”

Rob Hwang:

*Pulls phone out* Tells recruit to speed dial.

Please dial #1. “Hey man how you doing? This is Jared Goff.”

Please dial #2. “Hey man how you doing? This is Keenan Allen.”

Please dial #3. “Hey man how you doing? This is Alex Mack.”

Please dial #4. “Hey man how you doing? This is Mychal Kendricks.”

Please dial #5. “Hey man how you doing? This is Aaron Rodgers.”

Marshawn is waiting for you on campus.

Did I mention we’re the #1 public institute in the world? Go Bears.