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Golden Nuggets: The Best Performers of Spring Ball

The Pac-12 Spring Meetings are underway.

Washington State v California Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images


Proved Something

QB Ross Bowers

Raise your hand if you thought Bowers was going to get beat for the job. (Raises hand)

Bowers showed a lot of people that experience matters in a QB competition. The twelve games that he played last year added up, and there’s the added motivation of hearing multiple times in the off-season that the play at the QB position needs to improve.

”It was really good for me to have a wake-up call last season,” Bowers noted, “nothing like a 5-7 slap in the face and having a million turnovers, it’s a lot of extra motivation for getting better.”

Bowers did a lot of the small things this spring, adjusting routes and protections, making checks at the line more accurately, and it led to results, most notably checking to a fade to Jordan Duncan (for a 14 yard score) after seeing a safety blitz coming his way.

He hasn’t been named the starter yet, Beau Baldwin noted that they want to keep the competition going, but it’s more and more likely that Bowers at least starts the opener against North Carolina on September 1st


  • The spring meetings have arrived where football and basketball coaches and ADs meet in Scottsdale to talk Pac-12 development. One of the subjects that will be brought up is adding two more games to the basketball conference schedule.
  • Clips Nation takes a look back at the great season Tyrone Wallace had in his first year in the NBA.


  • Welcome junior transfer Morgan Wright to the Cal Volleyball team!
  • Jazymn Jackson is this week’s Muscle Milk Student Athlete after hitting multiple home runs as Cal Softball swept Stanford at the farm.
  • Collin Morikawa is a semifinalist for the Jack Nicklaus Award, given to the best NCAA Golf player. Finalists will be announced on May 24, and then a week later the award will be given out.
  • Tonight on Pac-12 Network (9PM) there will be a segment on Rugby’s Robert Paylor and his recovery progress. Here is a preview:

Go Bears