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Roundtables: Upsets.

Upset City.

Mississippi v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Which team do you think the Bears are most likely to upset next season?

Sam Fielder: Furd. I want that axe back so bad.

Ruey Yen: I’ve got to agree with Sam and say Stanford. The Bears simply want this win too much.

Piotr T Le: I will fall in line with the rest of the guys and say Stanford. Since coming to Berkeley fall 2010 I have yet to see Cal hold The Axe. I got a bachelors from Berkeley, 2 jobs, and a Masters degree in this time span. I. Need. This.

Nik Jam: Oregon, Stanford and Washington all come to Berkeley so those will all be competitive. I would love to see the Bears finally beat Stanford (controversial opinion, I know) but I think Oregon’s more likely. It is earlier in the season so the team will be healthy (Unfortunately our injury luck has been so bad this decade that I’m almost certain we’ll have big names out by late in the year) and I think overall the Ducks are overrated. And it would be an upset, despite Cal fans likely not thinking too much of the Ducks (S&P has us a big underdog right now). Of course, last year’s Big Game was very close and hopefully Cal will have more of their weapons healthy by November. As usual, I expect Stanford to get our hopes up early in the season by getting upset once or twice before starting to heat up by the Big Game. So, while I think we have a good chance, I will still pick Oregon as the likeliest.

Berkelium97: I tend to think of upsets in two categories: minor upsets that are enjoyable but not groundbreaking (e.g. wins vs. North Carolina and Ole Miss last year), and big-time upsets against teams that are an echelon or two above us (Wazzu last year) and that may ultimately change the trajectory of the season. I think we have a good chance of beating any of the decent, bowl-bound Pac-12 teams: Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, or Wazzu. But that would be a minor upset unless one of those teams somehow transforms into a top-15 squad. A major upset this season would be a win against one of the Pac-12 title contenders: UW, USC, or LSJU. I doubt we’re beating Washington. Past results don’t necessarily predict future outcomes, but we’ve struggled mightily in Southern California in recent years and I can’t confidently pick the USC game as an upset. If we played them in September when they’re still sorting out their offense with the new QB, then we might have a better chance. But by mid-November they should have worked through most of their issues. That leaves the Big Game. A depleted Bears squad put forth a heroic effort in last year’s Big Game. And with fewer injuries (plz juju), continued improvement on defense, and some home cooking, I think we’ll finally have a good chance of bringing the Axe back home this year. Plus, I’m strongly considering flying out for that game and I have a perfect 2-0 record in Big Games I’ve attended.

Andy Johnston: Oregon. I have very little faith in Mario Cristobal as a head coach and expect the Ducks to significantly disappoint despite having a STUD at quarterback with Justin Herbert. I would also put USC on upset watch if it wasn’t for the fact we get them on the road.

Rob Hwang: I’m pumping the sunshine then blasting us through the bi-frost to the promised land. We’re upsetting SC, Furd, and UCLA. WE’RE SWEEPING THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA Y’ALL.