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Cal Women’s Rowing at NCAA Championships - storm pushes finals to Saturday afternoon

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Cal Women’s Rowing last won the NCAA national title in 2016.

Cal Women’s Rowing is racing for the program’s 4th NCAA national championship today.
Cal Women’s Rowing Twitter

To be consistent with how the sports is called in the official NCAA website, Cal men’s and women’s crew has changed their name (and Twitter accounts) to Cal men’s and women’s rowing this past summer.

Due to the bad weather forecast for Sunday in Sarasota, Florida, the 2018 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships has moved up its grand finals from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon. Instead of having a full day of rest, crews will now rest for less time...particularly if a crew has to go through the repechage races on Friday afternoon to advance to the A-Finals.

Nevertheless, I don’t think the change in schedule will benefit either the 2nd ranked California Golden Bears or the defending champs in the top ranked Washington Huskies. Cal Bears are trying to win the program’s 4th NCAA team title and the 5th overall title in program history. A potential team national championship will be Cal Athletics’ 98th overall, and the first of the 2017-18 school year.

The semifinals for the three races will be raced on Saturday mornings at

4:30 AM PT - V8 semifinal - Cal, Washington, Virginia, Iowa, Ohio State, Indiana

4:54 AM PT - 2V8 semifinal - Cal, Virginia, Ohio State, Yale, Iowa, Brown

5:10 AM PT - V4 semifinal - Cal, Stanford, Indiana, Texas, Yale, Washington State

Top 3 of each semifinal advances to the afternoon’s Grand Final; the bottom 3 go to the Petite Final.

The NCAA title will be awarded to the team with the highest team scores at the end of the three races (unlike the men in the IRA championship next week where everything is decided by the V8 result alone). Both the V4 and 2V8 counts for the same amount while the V8 result is twice that of the other races. In case of a tie, the V8 result will be used as the tiebreaker.

Friday saw a strong start by all three boats of the Golden Bears. The boat lineups should be the same for the semifinal and final on Saturday.

V4 lineup:

2V8 lineup:

V8 lineup:

The best rower on the team is probably senior Mia Croonquist, who recently earned a spot on the All Pac-12 team.

The V8 boat is a mixture of upperclasswomen who has a lot of NCAA experiences and sophomores. Coxswain Hannah Christopher is a senior. The rest of the boat includes junior Charlotte Wesselmann, senior Mia Croonquist, sophomore Juliane Faralisch, junior Dana Moffat, sophomore Chloe Betts, sophomore Maddison Brown, junior Sydney Payne, and sophomore Bea Bliemel. This is a very international crew as Wesselmann, Faralisch, and Bliemel are from Germany; Betts and Brown are from Australia; Payne is from Canada; Croonquist and Moffat are the Americans in this crew along side coxswain Christopher.

The V8 boat finished 3rd at the Pac-12 behinds Washington and Stanford. However, in h2h races, Cal’s V8 boat had bested both Washington and Stanford earlier in the season.

In the dual against Washington, Cal got the V8 boat victory while being bested by UW in both 2V8 and V4. Cal was able to sweep Stanford in the Big Row.

In these 3 races of around 7 minutes each, the 2018 NCAA Rowing National Championships will be decided. It might work toward Cal’s favor that the double pointed V8 championship is decided first. Should the Golden Bears be able to get the big victory there, then the other two boats merely need to finish 2nd to clinch the team title.

While Washington has dominated men’s rowing for about 5+ years, the women’s success last year was relatively new for them. Prior to Cal’s 3rd NCAA victory in 2016, Ohio State had won the previous two NCAA titles.

Live Video:

Final Schedule:

11:00 AM PT. Division I I Eights Petite Final (places 7-12)

11:08 AM PT Division I I Eights Grand Final (places 1-6)

11:16 AM PT Division I II Eights Petite Final (places 7-12)

11:24 AM PT Division I II Eights Grand Final (places 1-6)

11:32 AM PT Division I Fours Petite Final (places 7-12)

11:40 AM PT Division I Fours Grand Final (places 1-6)