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Golden Nuggets: Malik McMorris Honors His Late Mom, The Debut of Knowlton’s Notes

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Short GN today due to sleep issues. The articles I didn’t put in will go on Sunday’s edition.

NCAA Football: Arizona at California Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
  • Malik McMorris will be participating in the NCAA Track and Field Preliminaries this weekend. He plays hard in football and track and field to honor his mother, who passed away from breast cancer in 2014.

[Losing your mother is] not something you can get over, and Malik hasn’t tried to. Instead, he’s focused on living his life in a way that honors his mom.

One of those ways is through education. With Guerrero’s background, academics was always important in the McMorris household. So when Malik had an opportunity to come to Cal, he took advantage of it.

Coming out of high school, McMorris had scholarship offers in both football and track. However, Cal was the only school that would allow him to do both while offering him the opportunity to study at the No. 1 public university in the country. So he walked on to both the football and track teams.

”Cal embodies a lot of the things she taught me in the classroom,” McMorris said. “Coming to Cal is a blessing on the field and in the track ring as well.”

After two football seasons (1.5 years on campus), McMorris was awarded a scholarship on the football team. He had to commit fully to football, but he never thought about quitting track.

”You have this responsibility. I had to stay true to my goals and what I wanted to do,” McMorris said. “I do it to represent my mom. That was a bond that we shared since I was in the third grade. She was the one that brought me into it. I want to compete and continue to represent her as long as I can. There’s a special feeling with track. It hits home.”

  • Jim Knowlton sent most of us Cal fans his first newsletter which basically summed up the last week of Cal Athletics events. You can view it here.
  • From the dark side to the good guys! Congrats to Chase Kreitler on his new job with the Cal men’s swimming team staff (leaving his position as a coach for the Stanford women’s swim

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