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Roundtables: Bowl Game Satisfaction.

So many to choose from. Only one we want.

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl - Air Force v California Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Which Bowl game would you be happy with next season? (Of course, all of us want the Rose Bowl)

Sam Fielder: Honestly, other than the Rose I don’t care. Just getting to one would be great so I’m not going to be greedy. And since I live close enough to see Cal play at home now, I can’t even vote for the Birmingham Bowl, though I likely will be in Birmingham when that game is played, so I would attend. But I’m not picky, just get us to a bowl and I’ll be happy.

Ruey Yen: Other than the Rose Bowl, I hope that Cal can end up in a bowl that pays more to its participant. Bowl game pay out for the non-BCS bowls still range from $0.5 million to $4 million. BCS bowls are worth over $18 million. Obviously, Cal Athletics can use as much money as possible.

Piotr T Le: A bowl game somewhere not in CA to increase the exposure of the team to non-CA recruits. That or the Foster Farms bowl for maximum Bay Area exposure if non-CA bowls are out of the picture.

Nik Jam: I’d ideally just want any of the Pac-12 tie in games. If we wind up with an at-large at 6-6 we’ll probably be sent to Texas or something in the Deep South and that would make for a tough flight to book and a likely bad game against a Group of 5 team. Even a lower tier Pac-12 bowl like Vegas or Cactus will be a pretty easy Southwest flight or even Greyhound/Megabus and we would likely see a quality opponent.

Andy Johnston: Foster Farms Bowl? I believe we can and should finish in the top 4 of the Pac-12 this year so anything else would be a bit of letdown. We are returning SO much talent with both coaches and players.

Rob Hwang: Armed Forces Bowl anyone? I kid. As much as I love seeing us play future men that will be serving our country I do want to see us play opponents that might get us a better competitive gauge for the following season. If I were to pick a quality opponent to end the year, my current choice would be a High/Mid-tier SEC or Big10 or Big12 team. Who says no to a game against LSU, Michigan State or Oklahoma State?