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Golden Nuggets: Help Andrew Vaughn Win the Golden Spikes Award!

Football and basketball recruiting updates.

Cal Baseball Facebook


  • Shortly after tying Xavier Nady for Cal single-season home runs with 23, Andrew Vaughn was named a semifinalist for the Golden Spikes award. Given to the top amateur baseball player, this award takes into account fan votes. From May 21-June 3 you can vote for Andrew Vaughn to win the award 25 times a day! So go ahead and do it! It is effortless to vote 25 times as they make it very easy to do so.


What We Learned: Bowers Not Going Away

Ross Bowers has been reading his Dylan Thomas recently, because the spring showed that he’s not going gentle into that good night. In the past, quarterbacks in Beau Baldwin’s system started to excel during their second season, and having 12 games worth of experience from 2017 helped Bowers a ton.

It’s helped Bowers in terms of timing, with RPOs and fade routes being two big ones. The sole passing touchdown of the spring game came on a fade, where Bowers saw man coverage (due to a blitzing safety), changed the call to a fade to Jordan Duncan, and made the throw. He’d worked on timing with Duncan a bunch during the spring, and it showed.

There’s still things to work on for Bowers, but he’s worked on the little things, such as bulking up a bit more to be able to absorb contact and tinkering with the receivers’ routes to put them in the right place to throw to. He’s still imperfect, but he is making a jump.

Pac-12 Awards

Congrats to all!


  • MBB: Boogie Ellis, a four star point guard, received an offer from Cal.
  • MSWIM: Huge news regarding head coach David Durden. He received a three year extension from Cal!
  • VB: Best of luck and congratulations to Jennifer Dorr. She became interim head coach after Matt McShane took a leave of absence. The “interim” tag has been dropped and Dorr will be the head coach from now on. (It still isn’t clear what happened to McShane, but I think a lot of us VB fans knew this was coming)
  • MGOLF: Kaiwen Liu’s journey from China to Cal was not an easy one, but he persevered.