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Predict the 2018 Cal Football Season

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It’s finally time for our first round of season predictions.

Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Spring practice has concluded, which means it’s time for our first round of semi-annual season predictions. We’ve been running this series of posts for many years, and here’s a quick primer for how it works. We’ll go through the 2018 schedule game by game. For each of those games, we want you to use a 0.00-1.00 scale to indicate how likely it is that Cal will win. If you think Cal has a 99.9% chance of winning, enter “.999” in the form. If you think the Bears have a 50% chance of winning, enter “.5” in the form. And so on. Try to keep your predictions between 0.00 and 1.00, or else it slows things down when I calculate the results. I have embedded the form below. If you have trouble accessing it, try this direct link. Submit your responses by Thursday, May 24th and I’ll try to have the results posted within a couple days of Memorial Day. Thanks for participating!