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Roundtables: Spring Game Thoughts

Washington State v California Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What were your takeaways? Were you impressed by any group? Underwhelmed by any group? Where would you like to see inprovement over the summer and fall camp?

thedozen: I was impressed with Biaggio Ali Walsh’s touchdown dance! The defense, especially Rusty Becker and Cameron Goode, stood out on many occasions and led me to wonder whether Justin Wilcox sees pass protection as an area that needs improvement. Taariq Johnson looks like an intriguing wide receiver, and Ross Bowers was 6-11 but did thread the needle on his touchdown pass to Jordan Duncan.

Piotr T Le: From what I was able to garner from the interviews and clips, it looks like Bowers is the prohibitive favorite to keep his starting position at QB. With the command of the LOS and the ability to adjust he can affect the game with more than just his arm and legs alone. I am curious about how other QBs would fare with all of the WRs and RBs in the fold, would the speed of Wharton and Robertson be too much for Bowers to hit deep and thus allow McIllwain/Garbers to take over? Also it looks like the RBs are Laird then Clark OR Walsh OR Netherda but I have high hopes for the Adams and Brown, Cal may have a crowded and very productive backfield if those two guys pan out. I love how Hudson came back in and immediately reclaimed his position as a highly reliable option out of the TE/Y position.

The defense looks to be what it was last year but faster, with the guys getting more comfortable with the scheme I would not be surprised if the defensive stats go from “Mediocre” to “Very Good”. I have a feeling at Pac-12 QBs and OCs will be having long nights thinking about facing the Cal D, especially with the wealth of talent in the Secondary with Bynum, Hicks, Rambo, Hawkins, Davis etc. being young, talented and experienced. Throw in the 6’1” Anusiem. Whew lad.

Rob Hwang: 21 Personnel, 22 Personnel, H-Backs, Hybrid TEs/WRs. The stuff of dreams! I’m a sucker for old school formations and personnel groupings and to see the return of such positions and plays brings joy to my heart. Who doesn’t want to see offset I-Formation with a FB dive from Malik McMorris? Or a fake FB dive, and turns into a RB counter by Patrick Laird? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.