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Film Study: Cal D vs. UW Run Game

See you UW made a creative use of personnel and formations to generate yards against our otherwise effective run D.

When I reviewed the stats from the UW game, it stood out to me that we did better than I’d expected/remembered against the run. UW’s star RB had one of his least efficient games of the year against us, and rushed for less than 4 ypc. A lot of this is attributed to our base system and our stunt package. We didn’t do much special in this game that was special or unexpected in the run game.

One area where UW was able to get some stuff going, however, was with a steady use of unbalanced formations. Historically Chris Peterson’s teams have done a great job of using their formations and personnel in creative ways to get an advantage, and in this video we’ll get a taste of that, while remembering that UW really needed these plays to sustain some of their long, drawn-out scoring drives. Going forward, we’ll need to do a better job of making unbalanced adjustments if we want to be a shutdown defense.