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Golden Nuggets: SF Gate Has Great Summary of QB Competition

More recognition for Andrew Vaughn

Oregon State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


  • San Francisco Chronicle reports Ross Bowers has the edge in the QB competition because of his experience. While that is not news to most of us, the article has a lot more than that... including great quotes from Chase Forrest and Chase Garbers about their confidence in getting the starting job.

Already plenty self-driven, Ross Bowers managed to find even more motivation in recent comments by Tom Brady and Derek Carr.

“Those guys are All-Pros, and they’re still saying: ‘Man, I’m afraid someone is going to come take my job. That’s what motivates me,’” the Cal junior quarterback said. “I’ve really tried to take that in, especially because I’m right in the middle of it.

“I obviously know that I have to play at an elite level to keep a job. I understand that I have to come earn it every day.”


“Ross did some good things this past season, and I think he got better and better throughout the year,” head coach Justin Wilcox said. “We still have to get better. Ross has to get better. It’s going to be competitive in the spring, and there are some guys on the roster who we’re excited to see what they can do.

  • Jon Wilner explains why he thinks this Spring Football season is important for the Pac-12, who has a difficult September schedule (including UNC at Cal) that could decide whether the conference gets national recognition or continues to have a bad reputation.
  • Cal Athletics’ website spotlights the top Football administrator Andrew McGraw, who if you’re like me you were never even aware of (but he’s been involved in some big decisions by the program, including the recruitment of Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch)


  • The “should Cal cut sports” debate continues... a survey by the Collegiate Sports Associates shows that a majority of the campus community (or rather over 80% of about 360) would prefer slimming the department, including a good portion of the Athletics community. I’m just wondering if they asked the student athletes that would be affected the question though.

Nearly half of the respondents who were open to trimming sports identified themselves as part of the athletic department (senior athletics staff, athletics staff, athletes or coaches).

“I would focus on the health of the department by focusing on the sports that have the best chance of being successful financially and athletically,” one athletic department staffer said. “Right now, it seems like the number of sports is unsustainable.”

A member of the campus advisory group said: “Reduce the number of programs supported. Concentrate efforts on those programs that have demonstrated success and on programs that have high profile and likely to bring in more philanthropic dollars and participation from alumni, students and broader community.”

Cal tried to cut five sports in 2010, a move that was met with fierce protests and philanthropic mobilization that eventually rescued the programs, one of which was baseball.

  • David Durden was named Men’s Swimming Coach of the Year by the Pac-12 and Johnny Robinson was named Diving Newcomer of the Year. Congrats on the big time awards!

Go Bears!