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Roundtables: Spring Game 2018

Spring Football is already over.

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Football is almost over. What are you looking to see in the spring game from the team as a whole? The offense? The defense?

Piotr Le: I want to see a real 11 v 11 scrimmage. I have read about the defense being much more dominant against the offense in flashy plays, I just want to see how it all looks when all the cogs are running at full speed (or Spring game speed). The thing is that a big chunk of the offense has missed a significant portion of the training (DRob, Wharton etc.) and thus we won’t see the full form of the offense till Fall. The defense should show signs of improvement in their reads and ability to react.

Andy Johnston: I know this is wishful thinking but I would really like to know who our quarterback is by the end of the spring game. The reason why I don’t think this will happen is that this coaching staff thrives off competition, whether real or perceived, and I would bet we go into camp with the position still “open”. The defense has been talking an awful lot during spring practice so it would be nice to have the offense light them up a bit in the spring finale. Ultimately I believe seeing DRob at full strength would get a lot of people excited for the fall.

boomtho: I agree with Andy - it’d be nice to get some clarity on the QB position, though I’m also doubting that we really see that. Second, I’d like to see the continued depth building at WR - a necessary outcome after D-Rob and Stovall have been banged up. Third, I’d like to see the DB’s continue to perform well (and talk a lot of trash while doing so) - I will optimistically read into notes like that as a sign the culture change to a defense-first team is well underway.

Nicole Lee:I, along with the others, am curious to see who the starting QB will be, but I hope that the coaches do not release that decision by the end of spring ball. It has been great to see each of the players improve, and I definitely believe that the unassigned “starter” title makes them work harder. Personally I hope that Mcllwain gets a chance. I think he is the most versatile. Bowers definitely has more in-game experience, but Mcllwain’s running ability makes him a strong contender.

During the last practice, the coaches ran a drill that had the players call all of the shots. Evan Weaver talked about how there were individuals who stepped up to lead the defense. So, I’m excited to see who the leaders will be on both sides. Hopefully the team will become more well-equipped, cohesive, and communicative to not be entirely dependent on the coaching staff.

Rob Hwang: For me its pretty simple. Fluidity and Tempo for both sides of the ball. When plays are called or audibles are made I want to see that players know what they’re doing and where they are supposed to be and that there is no scramble to get set before the snap. Sure we might see a wrong route or missed assignment during the game, but for the most part I hope we get to see the more reaction and less thinking part of the system, that Coach Wilcox has said he wishes to see from the team. I’m sure we’ll have a QB determined by the time the UNC game rolls around. :)