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Cal Football Spring Ball 2018: Practice Notebook #6

“HURRY UP!” - Coach Ragle

California v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Today’s Highlights:

  • High throw from Bowers. Camryn Bynum jumps to intercept, but it deflects off of him on his way down.
  • Ross Bowers fakes a throw, then holds back to track the distance between him and Jordan Duncan. Bowers throws a beauty right into Duncan’s hands in the back left corner of the end zone.
  • Chase Forrest missed both throws down the center. Jake Ashton and Jeremiah Hawkins unable to make the catch.
  • Bowers seemed like the best QB on the field today. He hit all of his targets. Garbers fell short, only getting throws to players’ knees regardless how far they were. Forrest gets good throws here and there, but is inconsistent. Mcllwain was not as accurate today as he has been in previous practices.
  • Defensive Backs and Safeties worked on shedding blocks, first with pads, then with each other. Carried out game-like scenarios at the line of scrimmage.
  • Bynum, again, makes an athletic play to intercept Mcllwain’s throw to the back right corner of the endzone.
  • Forrest scrambled a lot during 11-on-11 situations. Using his feet to get into open space once the play broke down.
  • Brandon McIlwain decides to run after not finding an open receiver. The defense leaned right, leaving a completely open left field. He outran all his defenders.
  • Punter Steven Coutts with two beautiful punts in a row. Dropping in his kicks within the 5 yard line from the opposite 40 yard line.
  • Bryce Turner made a great play, by diving for an attempted interception, but comes up short as the ball bounces off his pads.
  • Chase Garbers with a great throw to Ray Hudson in the end zone.
  • Jordan Duncan had a great day. He rarely dropped a pass and played an important part for every QB during drills.
  • Chase Forrest continued his great play with his feet. He lofted a pass over the secondary, when he was flushed out of the pocket, to find Laird but Laird dropped the pass right through his hands.
  • Taariq Johnson had the only fumble of the day. It was on a screen pass from McIlwain. Johnson caught the pass and was working through his blockers when the ball was punched out. The offense did recover the ball though.
  • Ray Hudson with a leaping catch 25 yard catch from Ross Bowers was the highlight of the Player Run Scrimmage session. ONE HANDED OVER THE MIDDLE.
  • Malik Psalms looked very fast off the edge. He had a would-be sack if they were in a live session.
  • Jaylinn Hawkins with the only Pick-6 of the practice. He picked off Brandon McIlwain on a lofted pass over the middle to Ray Hudson. The pass had a little too much air and went over Hudson and straight into Hawkins’ hands.
  • Jeremiah Hawkins continued his rise through the WR ranks. He capped off his day with a 23 yard pass from Chase Garbers in the Player Run Segment.