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Roundtables: Retro Jerseys.

Who doesn’t like a good throwback?

California v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

They recently started selling Kyle Boller and Mike Pawlawski retro jerseys at the student store. Which football player’s retro jersey would you like to see made? Marshawn Lynch and Aaron Rodgers have had their retro jerseys made so let’s thnk beyond them.

Piotr T Le: I would do a Hardy Nickerson Sr. and Ron Rivera, a nice one from Pappy Waldorf era maybe with a Waldorf #3 (for number of Rose Bowls he went).

Ruey Yen: Do we have pictures of these jerseys? Are they in the retro style or are these Under Armour jerseys that bare the name and numbers of former Cal players? I can’t imagine Cal sold that many of the Aaron Rodgers jersey in the style of the Jared Goff era.

thedozen: How about Giorgio Tavecchio? The kicker is pretty popular in the East Bay these days.

Leland Wong: Let’s celebrate a beloved CGB figure with throwbacks to the 1898 and 1899 seasons for Charles “Lol” Pringle.

Rob Hwang: The first choice for me would be any of the 2007 starting WRs. Desean Jackson. Robert Jordan. Lavelle Hawkins. All 3 were amazing in their own right and we still use some of their endzone photos to this day. Second would be Jahvid Best’s. I still have a #4 jersey but being able to wear one with his last name printed on the back would mean something else to the Cal faithful. Last, Chuck Muncie. Such a great name, even better player. Of course, I never got to see him play but the stats speak for themselves.

Andy Johnston: Tony Gonzalez. I’d love to see his number come back as we celebrate the reemergence of the tight end position this year in strawberry canyon. My honorary runner ups would be Deltha O’Neal and Thomas DeCoud, two of my favorite db’s ever