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Golden Nuggets: More Takes on New AD Hire

Trevor Davis makes an unfortunate joke and hell ensues.

Marcus Fields


  • Want to know more information on new AD hire Jim Knowlton? Learn more about his military background from Ryan Gorcey.

Before he stood on the Berlin Wall as it fell, before he deployed to serve in post-invasion Iraq as a colonel, before his 26 years of service in the U.S. Army, Knowlton -- who will replace Williams in late May -- was the team captain for the Army-West Point ice hockey team. Now, he takes over a unique set of challenges at a place renowned for not following orders.

”He loves problems,” said Berkeley chancellor Carol Christ. “He loves challenges.”

  • What are CGB alum Trace Travers’ takeaways from the hire? Find out here.

Football & Basketball

I don’t have time to make transcripts:

  • The Pac-12 have had absurdly long championship droughts in the revenue sports. Which sport will end it first? Jon Wilner predicts FB. (Cal not mentioned in the article because dur)
  • Jon Wilner doesn’t think the basketball team will improve much next season, finishing 11th above WSU.
  • An unfortunate joke by Trevor Davis and his friend got him detained briefly at LAX, though it seems like he’s OK now... how did no one tell him not to joke about bombs at an airport?