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Golden Nuggets: Assessing Carol Christ’s Cal Athletics Recommendations From People Smarter Than Me

More academic awards incoming.

UC Berkeley

Last Thursday Carol Christ revealed her recommendations for Cal Athletics’ budget. Since none of us really knew much about the subject, I decided to seek the guidance of other Cal writers that get paid to look into this stuff.

The recommendations of CSA include streamlining of interdepartmental fund transfers, refined messaging and extended outreach in terms of fundraising and development, so-called “fair costing” of out-of-state tuition for student-athlete scholarships, pursuing new revenue opportunities, implementing a roster-management program and moving to Prong One of Title IX by 2021. The full report is embedded later in this story.

The move from Prong Three of Title IX -- which allows schools to have student-athlete population gender ratios out of line with the gender ratio of the general student population, as long as the school accommodates the “interests and abilities” of female athletes (adding sports as demanded, but not cutting any) -- to Prong One -- which necessitates proportionate representation -- is so rare that neither Turner nor Dr. Bradley Bates (VP of Consulting for CSA) could recall having seen it happen.


Collegiate Sports Associates estimated that cutting from the current total of 30 intercollegiate sports down to 16 would save the Bears $8 million annually.

That doesn’t guarantee a balanced budget, and the resulting impact on fundraising — an estimated $25 million hit, due to furious donors — would cause collateral fiscal damage across the campus.


Cal currently abides by Prong 3 of Title IX compliance, which supports gender equity by requiring schools to add sports for the underrepresented gender when sufficient interest, ability and opportunity arises.

Instead of continuing to comply with this prong — Christ writes that this “seems unwise” — Christ has decided to shift to Prong 1 of Title IX compliance by 2021.

Prong 1 is satisfied by providing proportionate participation opportunities for both male and female student-athletes. For Cal to transition without adding sports and still remain compliant, roster spots for men’s sports will likely be reduced.

In addition to shifting to Prong 1, Christ says there must be a commitment to gender equity in its facilities for men and women. This will be achieved by immediately building courts for beach volleyball and improving softball’s facilities.

Christ noted that Cal already has difficulty sustaining its 30 Division 1 sports, but cutting sports will be a “last resort.”

Christ re-emphasized that the athletic department must have a balanced budget by 2020, the same year campus must have a balanced budget.


With the announcement of a new athletic director expected in April, the chancellor expressed her confidence that, given a deep and highly talented applicant pool, the campus will soon be, “introducing a person who will have the necessary skills and experience to help us build an intercollegiate athletics program that is both financially sustainable and capable of serving the needs and interests of our student-athletes.”

More to come from writers who write better than I do, maybe.


  • The WBCA named Kristine Anigwe to the All-America Honorable Mention squad.
  • The Men’s Basketball team will play in Brooklyn next year. St. John’s, VCU and Bowling Green are potential opponents, among others.
  • Reminder that KRON (correction from earlier: NBC and KRON haven’t been together for more than a decade...) will air a segment with Tierra Rogers tonight.


  • Highlights from the “Women’s Breaking Barriers” event held at Cal last week, where prominent Bay Area women (including Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf) spoke to student-athletes.
  • Arianna Robinson, Chelsea Shu, Sylvie Seilnacht and Yuleen Sternberg were named honorable mention All-Academic women’s gymnasts by the Pac-12. Robinson is Cal’s nominee for Scholar Athlete of the Year.
  • Janaye Sakkas, Zoe Randolph, Sterre van Ede, Fionna Jensen, Maddie Cleat, Natalie Dalton, Sara Deck, Valen Garraffo, Morgan Peterson, Victoria Struys were awarded with 2017 Zag Field Hockey/NFHCA Division I National Academic Squad honors.