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Golden Nuggets: Today is The Big Give

Cal Basketball did get an award after all!!!

Arizona State V California

Today is the Big Give. So, if you’re able, help out our beloved school get better! Hey, maybe they can get money to “upgrade” the MBB team...

Anyway, slow news day, which is why I made that above tidbit the headline.


  • Cal may have been the only Pac-12 team not to get an athletic achievement award, but they did get an honor in the All-Academic team thanks to Nick Hamilton and his amazing 3.75 GPA. Congrats!


“Cal offered me on the unofficial visit,” said Starr. “Coach (Justin) Wilcox offered and they offered me as a receiver. Coach (Nick) Edwards talked with me after the tour and he’s a cool guy.”

Starr said he enjoyed checking out the Cal campus.

”The area was nice and it kind of reminded me of where I live in Portland, so I like that,” said Starr.


“Cal has told me that I’m one of their biggest priorities and I like them a lot,” said Latu, who is being recruited by Tony Tuioti. “I love all their coaches and I’ve been talking to Hank Weinberger (Cal’s director of recruiting). I’ve been there a couple of times.”

  • Marshawn Lynch brought a new “spicy” flavor of Skittles to a community in Florida. I assume it is funny. I’ll watch it after I publish the article.


  • Kyana George won Freshmen of the Week honors and Sofie Seilnacht won Specialist of the Week honors for the beam rotation as the Women’s Gymnastics team crushed Central Michigan. Check the Youtube channel for highlight vids of them.
  • interviewed new Lacrosse assistant coach Paige Soenksen. Not coincidentally, the team is getting set to play Colorado in Boulder. Soenksen was the goalie for Colorado not too long ago.
  • Possibly as part of Women’s History Month, Cal looks at a trailblazer in Helen Hull Jacobs. She attended Cal and became a legendary tennis star (despite Cal not having NCAA women’s tennis at the time) with teammate Helen Wills (also a Cal alum) and notably challenged certain gender norms in tennis, for example wearing shorts instead of a skirt.

Go Bears!