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Golden Nuggets: Bear Territory Tracks Some Potential Football Recruits (UPDATED WITH MBB ARTICLE)

SF Chronicle previews the Pac-12 Tournament with quotes from Cal players.

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports


So the Pac-12 released the Men’s Basketball awards but Cal didn’t get anything... so... moving on

“We’re trying to win it all,” 6-foot-9, 209-pound forward Justice Sueing said. “It’s all new. Records don’t matter. Anyone can win. Anyone can lose.


Even on days off, McNeill heads to the gym to work on his jumper. Hours after home games, Sueing often remains at Haas Pavilion — just him, headphones and a ball, replaying how scenarios could have unfolded differently.

“Seeing this side of it makes you appreciate all the hard work it takes to win in college basketball,” said Harris-Dyson, a 6-5, 198-pound guard. “It makes you want to get a lot better, because if you’re not winning, you think you must not be doing everything you can be doing.”

  • If you’re interested, here is the game from Stanford’s perspective.


“Cal was good, I had a good trip,” Toler said. “As soon as we got there, the staff greeted us. Everything was on schedule and we got to take pictures, sit down with the coaches and tour the campus.

”The coaching staff is amazing and made us feel very at home and welcome. They haven’t offered yet but I talked with coach Alexander and he said they’re watching me so hopefully it happens. Overall, the day went well and I was happy with all that I saw.”


On the recruiting front, Sinclair visited Cal on Saturday and the Bears are doing well with the talented athlete.

”Cal is recruiting me the hardest right now and I really like them a lot,” Sinclair said. “I had a great visit and really enjoyed being around the coaching staff. I was able to meet with coach Sirmon, coach Toler, coach DeRuyter and coach Wilcox and they’re all awesome guys.

”I feel like I already fit in really well there and I love the culture and the direction the program is going. The staff has shown me so much love and they’re looking out for me. I think what they’re building right now is awesome.”


”I visited Cal on Saturday and had a great trip,” Bandes said. “Coach Toler hit me up about coming out and I talked with coach Tuioti as well. I talked to those guys for about an hour and really like the whole staff over there.

”I met with Justin Wilcox and he talked to me about my grades and told me he likes me as a person and an athlete and that’s when he offered. That felt great to hear and was definitely a big day in my life because I grew up on Cal football.

”I went to a lot of games when I was little and watched guys like Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch and Desean Jackson. I was always a Cal Bear growing up so that offer was very special for me.”

  • Of course... there’s a few articles that require a subscription including an article on a potential RB named Sam Adams. I’d recommend getting the subscription.


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Go Bears