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Golden Nuggets: Demetris Robertson Returns

Charter day was last week, and Daily Cal has some retrospectives on Cal Athletics history.

Weber State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


  • Look who’s back!” - Demetris Robertson returns from injury and has looked really great so far.

“It feels great to be back out here competing with my teammates,” Robertson said. “I’m just working on getting better with my technique and learning the position more. I want to get better every day with my techniques, my releases and just letting the game slow down. I want to learn our system more and get on the same page more with our quarterbacks.”

Head coach Justin Wilcox was also happy to see one of the Golden Bears’ dynamic playmakers back on the field.

”It’s great to have him back out here,” Wilcox said. “It’s unfortunate that he missed most of the season last year. He’s still got a lot of room to grow as a player and I know he is excited to be back out here, as well. He’s such a talented guy with great speed.”


  • A very extensive timeline of Cal Athletics’ milestones from 1882 to today.
  • Two contrasting sides of Cal Athletics - a side where the revenue sports don’t have national success but are very popular, and another side where Olympic sports are very successful but don’t quite get the love.
  • Alicia Gallarzo is really good at gymnastics... and make-up art as well.
  • Women’s Lacrosse player Lou Biffar helped out during the North Bay Fires by volunteering at dog shelters that were getting too many dogs that could fit in shelters, even fostering a dog until she was able to reunite it with its owners.


  • The Pac-12 Networks President Mark Shuken did an interview with Jon Wilner. It is split into two parts, and for whatever reason I didn’t like to Part 1 on Thursday (It was in my list of links, I must have read it and found it to be dull), here is Part 2 with some interesting info.

Questions (two combined into one): Are there plans to expand streaming options through new partnerships, and might the Pac-12 Networks’ content be available directly to fans through a conference-owned OTT service?

Shuken: “The former (new partnerships) is exactly where we are focused. The latter (a Pac-12 offering), we are obligated to not do based on our distribution deals.

“The strategy is to do what we’ve done with three or four Over-The-Top streaming services. We are in conversations with many others, some of whom you just mentioned.

“Because the model needs to remain the same to protect our other distributors — the model under which the distributor pays us based on the subscriber — going direct-to-consumer on an a la carte basis is not something we’re able to do right now. We’d be undercutting current distributors …


Question I: Might more systems provide the regional networks in HD?

Shuken: “We understand that sports in SD not up to today’s standards, and we implore distribution partners to make that happen — and most cases, they’re amendable to that.

“It really is really a rough experience in SD. I’m very sensitive and sympathetic to that.”

Question II: Could events broadcast in SD on the regional networks be replayed on the national network in HD, for consumption on a delayed basis?

“We can’t do that. (But) the subscriber can experience that event streamed (live) in HD. All of those events are streamed in HD.”

Please don’t get swept, Cal BSB and SB.