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Film Study: Cal D vs. Oregon

Why can’t we stop the run!?

In this video, I look at how Oregon’s RPO game, and especially the threat of a QB keeper off of the RPO, caused problems for our defense and made it tough to defend the run even when the Ducks weren’t trying to do much else. I also look at how the same play has to be defended differently when it’s run out of different formations, making it tricky to get into the right call when you’re being strained by something like an RPO with a Zone Read. None of this is meant to justify our inability to get into good calls; I don’t think that our staff did as well as they could have on this front. The goal is just to show how nuanced and textured playcalling is, and how even defending “the same play” over and over again requires a strategic back-and-forth between offensive and defensive coordinators.