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Golden Nuggets: All Time Best March Madness Performances, Justin Wilcox Talks Roster News

A few WBB articles with regards to their tourney game tomorrow!



  • Daily Cal’s rundown of the best 5 March Madness performances in Cal history (men’s and women’s) includes Theo Robertson, Brittany Boyd and Lamond Murray (pictured in header).
  • Daily Cal previews the entire NCAA womens tourney and of course the smart bet is UConn.
  • Daily Cal with a little biography of Mo’Ane Mosley and it is worth the read.


  • Justin Wilcox spoke with a few media outlets yesterday, including Bear Territory and Golden Bear Report. You’ll need a subscription for transcripts but some highlights and quotes are posted. (The GBR link has a lot of information with no subscription required, you should read the quotes about the newcomers) Not mentioned in either articles: Robertson and Stovall are back and healthy!

There will be a quarterback competition, as Wilcox has alluded to in the past, but he did note that Ross Bowers has the advantage of having played.

”Ross does have an advantage because he played every game,” Wilcox said, “so that’s an advantage in itself, having that game experience, and Ross is going to be a better player this spring than he was last spring, and he got better throughout the season. He has to continue to grow as a football player. He knows that and he’s working at that, but if anybody at any position out-performs somebody else, that’s why it is always open. Ross has an advantage because he played. Brandon’s going to get a lot of opportunities, as is Chase Garbers, as is Chase Forrest. There’s a lot reps. But again, I could speak about any player on the team, it’s about production and growing as a player, and if anybody beats somebody else out, that’s just the way the game is played. I’m excited for Ross because he grew a lot during the season, I think he had a good offseason, and I’m excited to see him keep growing and competing.”


  • Meet baseball assistant coach Noah Jackson!
  • Kathleen Baker is battling Chron’s Disease but that’s not stopping her from leading Cal’s women’s swim team in the NCAA Championships coming up this weekend.
  • Learn about three lacrosse players (Kirsten Swanson, Kendall Swenson and Jenny Wilkens) who studied abroad in London last summer, and how the experience shaped their lives.

Go Bears, beat the Cavs!