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Cal MBB Insta-Recap: Cal falls asleep in second half and gets dismantled. 53-84 loss.


NCAA Basketball: California at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


The Bears came out of the gates energetic and raring to go. Defensively, they forced ASU into some tough shots, played for every 50/50 ball and pushed the tempo. Offensively, the Bears could not buy a single basket early on. Don Coleman forced his way to 10 points on 5-11 shooting which was a game high at halftime. Fouls also were called left and right on both squads. Cal had foul trouble with Roman Davis (3), Marcus Lee (2), Justice Sueing (2), and Juhwan Harris-Dyson (2).


That was easily the worst second half played by this team this entire season. They were dismantled on Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Yes. There were so many fouls and free throws that it deserved its own category.